Beta Release 19


Beta Release 19 includes up to Developer Release 5298.

Highlights of this release:

Advanced movement for hand controllers

  • There is a new Advanced Movement for Hand Controllers mode in the Settings menu. By default, this is ‘off’. When off, the HTC hand controller pads, allow you to rotate when you click on their left and right sides. If you click and hold the middle of the pad, you get the teleport beacon. You move the beacon to where you want to teleport. When you release you go there.
  • If you turn the Advanced mode ‘on’, the pads’ top and bottom, on the left side allow you to teleport. The top pad on the right makes you jump. This was the old behavior.
  • Current users with hand controllers using the latest version of High Fidelity will not be able to move as they used to do until they toggle the advanced mode on.


Assets now fade in when loaded.

Threaded rendering

We did some user testing and found the experience of a HMD using threaded rendering to be better, so that goodness is in this release.

New default skybox

The old default was a star grid. The new one looks like this:

Detailed release notes are as follows:

  • Add priority loading for model entities
  • Automatically show address bar after disconnected for X seconds
  • Speed up gamma correction in cube map processing
  • Default skybox change
  • Disable Asset Browser’s right-click popup menu if in HMD mode
  • eslintrc: accept spaces after function keyword in anonymous functions
  • Teleport works with xbox controllers
  • Add fade in loading effect
  • Add support for ATP protocol to QML
  • Fix crash when adding new attachment
  • Miscellaneous cmake and render engine improvements
  • Mini mirror fades with overlays
  • Fix procedural entity transparency
  • Faster image processing on load
  • Default DS to allow connect for standard groups
  • 3D Overlays can be children
  • Fix ignore icon stuck in hover state
  • Open Asset Browser with Button from Edit.js Toolbar
  • Threaded rendering
    ** Migrates the rendering of a frame (consisting of an arbitrary number of batches) to the present thread
    ** Uses the main window GL context as the execution context for all rendering
    ** Update plugin functionality to use GPU library batches
  • Fix assets example not using correct API
  • Fix cubemaps on AMD cards running GL 4.5
  • Don’t show equip sphere until hand is in position to equip. widen unequip/drop cone
  • Add asset server bandwidth to stats
  • Fix transparency on procedural shapes
  • Entities created using edit.js or imported from marketplace have better positions.
  • Add a button to the sandbox log window to open the log directory
  • Fix Asset Browser dialog
  • Map Oculus Touch grip to trigger
  • Fix flashing in default skybox, and allow skybox lighting without textures
  • Address issues with random camera locations caused by bad HMD sensor poses
  • Fix log flood in debug mode from Buffer::Iterator
  • Don’t do fade effect once physics kick in
  • Add backup directory setting to domain server
  • Add more user activity data
  • Movement changes for Hand Controllers
  • Workaround bad FBXMesh data rather than assert
  • Allow temp domains to use access token when present
  • IgnoreIK flag on action-grabbable objects works again

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Just been in music and noticed the windows flickering might want to check that out @KevinMThomas to When you turn to left to right with the new build

Additional Flashing trees/Windows in Earth probably the same thing


AHa, i seen that on my domain to flickring. it’s more easy to happen.

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