Beta Release 20


Beta Release 20 includes up to Developer Release 5335. This release contains protocol changes, so be sure to update!

Social Sharing

One major new addition is some social sharing functionality. This release builds on June’s proof of concept, which suggested three visitable places above the address bar. Now we’re extending that with a snapshot feed. This should assist people in finding new and exciting content, and seeing what’s going on across public domains.

Just The Basics:

  1. There is now a snapshot button in the toolbar: It works in HMD, and removes all HUD UI elements from the fixed aspect-ratio picture. If you are logged in to a shareable place, you also get an option to share the snapshot to a public feed. (Try doing View->Mirror and taking a selfie!)

  1. The “Go To” address bar now offers a scrollable set of suggestions that can be places or snapshots: The two buttons to the right of the address bar switch between the two sets, and typing filters them. Clicking on a place takes you to that named place, but clicking on a snapshot opens another window with more info. You can then visit the place that snapshot was taken by clicking on the picture, explore the other snapshots taken by that person or in that place, or share the picture to Facebook if you choose. If your friends follow your share to the picture on the Web, they can click on the picture to jump to the same place - if they have Interface installed.

(None of this has anything to with the forums picture feed, which isn’t public or scalable, nor are there changes to the old control-s behavior.)

Where We’re Headed:

There’s a lot more we can do with this, but we wanted to release what we have now and find out what’s important to you.

  1. We’re also thinking about other activity and media you might like to share and see in the feed, such as joining a group or downloading from marketplace.

  2. How might we use the “wisdom of crowds” to score and order the suggestions, based on real activity that people find useful?

As we move forward with social sharing:

  • We require a login to share, and we’d like to offer personalized feeds in the future based on your (optional) login. We don’t want to require a login to use High Fidelity or to enjoy the suggestions made by the feed.
  • We want to allow connecting your High Fidelity account to social media, but we don’t want to require you to do so.
  • We don’t want to share anything without you telling us that it is ok to do so.

Also in This Release

  • HandControllerGrab and web entity input integration
  • New Editor for UserData JSON
  • Clicking the Marketplace icon while wearing an HMD with hand controllers will spawn the Marketplace web site within a handheld tablet, instead of on the overlay UI sphere. When not actively held, the Marketplace tablet should follow the user as they navigate the world by teleporting or using the arrow keys.
  • High Fidelity includes default scripts instead of loading them
  • Support for fbx2016 format
  • Fixed address bar being opened when moving between places on same domain
  • Center HMD Hud after teleport
  • Fixed default skybox behavior
  • Sped up spherical harmonics calculation with minimal error
  • Fixed Vive crash in AMD driver
  • Raised max iterations for IK to 16 from 4
  • Render collision geometry
  • Improved web entity rendering
  • Fixed Screen Space ambient occlusion which was broken since a while
  • Included the codec name in the agent avatar audio stream
  • (AMD) OpenGL Fixes
  • Silence address bar log warning
  • Custom OpenGL context creation
  • No more delete with backspace in edit.js
  • Bug fix for click events received by entity scripts
  • Add shareable address from default name, leverage for steam join/invite
  • When trigger is pulled, snap search beam to correct length instead of animating

Remove the backspace delete from the edit tools. (we have delete key !) and give better feedback what is selected

Grr was it just me who used that lol
Other than that I frankly feel a little let down about having anything to complain about.
Good job :slight_smile:


just noticed you haven’t any permissions for snapshot when you’re sharing it publicly I’m hoping you guys are going to fix that with some people don’t know about this it will share it publicly to the places you go with you share on main go to button

also you have a profile now what is partially public you can’t hide this by the way

suggestions you should have friends only and people you only want to share to this be a much better choice

is there staff looking at these pictures publicly to check that there okay ?

it would be nice you guys to talk to is more about this in the next meeting

Triple X mentioned that when he scales resolution down his image the icons go small you might want to look at that

good work on getting the graphics fixed though


Triple Audio Devices?


I started to get tonight invisible mesh i work on. and there’s a deadline :rage: (mini golf)
But now i cannot get older models visible again to. And reload generate a loop error in the log files.

“Complete stressed, because what happend and what broke my model”

Also see,


What’s this ?
And how did it appear on my screen ?

This did happen in the sandbox (not the server) also the skybox is flashing there in desktop mode. It seems the message appear when i walk around.


try this in your headset where you do not have editing rights click the edit button you will find you will be not able to click any buttons after that as you can’t press okay


Complete puzzled. i remove parts of my latest mesh, i did correct the scale to 1.0. But i still get a to small object i need to reset to natural dimensions manual. But it’s still not loading. Older version , many steps back seesm to load fine with textures.

And nobody knows where the problem is or who to blame. And it keeps to silent right now. SO where complete in the darkness.

Nice timing when you work on Mini-Golf Challenge! that is not complete scrwed until i know why the mesh not load. uhmm not get visible inside high fidelity.


I’ve seen a few issues with the latest released version but still trying to narrow down to exactly what and whether they are HMD or desktop problems.


This happened in my own domain. Turns out that it was a .jpg causing this issue. I had a web entity pointing to a twitter picture that was a jpg. Once I got rid of it it stopped that message from appearing.


Other problem, and yes with this test round the scale is set to 1.0 The invisible entity is not always scaled automatic correct to when placed inworld.

And Yes, i save every test the GBX as new file name and reupload that. and place that again as new object inworld. So cache cannot be a problem.

But it’s still invisible.


Why is with every snapshot you make , also the goto btton activate after you made the snapshot. That;s annoying.


@Richardus.Raymaker - The feed opens after you close the Snapshot Review only when the “Open feed after” is checked. That setting is remembered across sessions.


@MichelleLeckrone - The community is quite small right now, and often one’s real world or social media friends do not have HMDs yet. So for now there there’s just one shared public feed of snapshots. As we grow, we’ll be looking at scaling our infrastructure, and with it, more personalized sharing options.


About the account for the feed.
What login does it need ?
I where in hmd when i used the snapshot for first time.

ADD: Is it me. but in HMD mode font’s where always hard to read if the are rendered inworld.

Now the tablet is switched to inworld view the same problem appears on that. the font is harder to read. I think webpages that get viewed in HMD mode need a different font and font size.

Als it seems when your in fun & games and do some action the webpage get reloaded to the main page. and you need to go the whole route again to get to the item.

Other thing. Is it possible that when you hold the tablet that hud elements get hidden ? Or mabye there’s a better way. Now the icons or on higher priority then the tablet. Btw to get best readability i need to hold the tablet pretty high above my head.

Mabye high fidelity have not enabled it, also it cost more GPU resources. But the graphics quality need to be betetr. why can other games sometimes get a better picture. But a good start is if the Hud fonts etc. get better readable.

That’s other thing the hud is not on stable location and distance. You always play hide and seek with the interface hud parts etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Richardus.Raymaker The usual High Fidelity login is required for sharing a snapshot to the public “GoTo” feed.


look forward for your next updates you know where to find us with you want any feedback

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