Beta Release 21


Beta Release 21 includes up to Developer Release 5396.

Of particular note:

  • Controllers are now represented by blue spheres, which are used to grab stuff. This is part of some ongoing work on avatars.
  • Virtual keyboard support on web entities, when using HMD.
  • Uniform story handling - single feed with snapshot and concurrency, no radio buttons, and the minicard has a minibutton with hover that brings up the detail card. Clicking anywhere else on the minicard takes you to that location.
  • When updates to home content are available, you will now be asked whether you want to update. If you update unintentionally, you can restore from backup. From the Sandbox task bar, select “Restore Backup Instructions”

This will show you the location of your backed up data:

  • Fixed the “flailing arms” issue some users reported after last release.
  • You can now redirect elsewhere if your place reaches capacity. Add another placename in the “Redirect to Location on Maximum Capacity” space below:

NOTE: This release contains protocol changes, so you will need to update!

The nitty gritty:

  • Marketplace tablet is a bit larger and lower DPI
  • Add support for renderInfo properties to model entities
  • Eliminate log warning about invokeMethod of EntityTreeRenderer::updateModel()
  • Exposing GPU & Batch running time to Engine gpu jobs
  • Fix incorrect fence delete. This corrects a bug in the texture transfer that is leaking OpenGL fence objects
  • Remember setting for ‘debug defaultScripts.js’
  • Fill in linked node data for avatar identity packets
  • Fix bug that kept AC agents from seeing other avatars
  • Updating stats display for threaded rendering. Add a new counter… ‘frame rate’
  • Include a Marketplace status bar and access to “marketplace” of marketplaces.
  • Clean and comment AudioRingBuffer
  • New manual test for profiling texture load performance.
  • Stuttering: global thread pool management
  • Joints for Controllers + Arrow action
    ** Avatars now have faux joints which track the hand-controllers
    ** HandControllerGrab.js now shows a blue sphere which represents the grab-point
    ** Teleporting no longer disables grabbing/equipping
  • Update to Qt 5.6.1
  • Low-latency audio
  • Fix toolBar.js relative path
  • Web Entities Virtual Keyboard + Event Bridge support
    ** Web entities now have a usable virtual keyboard, which appears when a text entry field is focused within the browser content, and disappears otherwise. NOTE: only visible when using an HMD.
    ** HTML/JavaScript within a web entity can now use the global EventBridge object to communicate with entity or interface scripts running on the client.
    ** Bug fixes for occasional crashes when clicking on web entities using hand controllers.
  • Fix overlays when scaling resolution
  • Handle in Web content.
  • Stuttering: Upgrade GLM & add GLI integration
  • Remove jpg error popup behavior
  • Add performance information to entities list
  • Fix audio client starve detection
  • Optimized audio pipeline
  • Don’t do hand-controller edit object-selection when pointed at a HUD element
  • Fix eventBridgeLoader path in particle explorer
  • Wait 10s before growing jitter in a new session/domain
  • Fix audio network stats
  • Remove qtaudio_windows.dll on Windows before installing the new version
  • Fix for jittery far-grab at low update rates
  • Make the equip sphere emissive
  • Add audio jitter simulator testing tool
  • Add support for redirection on domain at max capacity
  • Re-enable web entity-items on Linux
  • edit.js indicates errors via notifications.js
  • ICE server related utilities and changes
    ** Added a tool for testing status of an ice server
    ** Domain-server has command-line arguments for which ice-server to use and what domain-id to use
    ** Domain-server tells metaverse if it has no ICE server
  • Fix domain-server command-line arguments
  • Dynamic texture resolution: Automatically lower the resolution of high memory textures when texture memory is being over-committed.
  • Dynamic texture resolution
  • Update Oculus SDK
  • Fix missing local audition for audio injectors
  • Uniform story handling


Shame my PR didnt make it yet in. Could we get people to test it quickly?

After all Equiped items do get dettached in 21 Beta Release if you go fast enough atm, Hookguns were the most promenent


Updating my domain it suggested there was new content available. I said no if I had said yes would it have messed up my existing domain and dropped the starter house on it? or is it able to tell

saying no didn’t break anything
saying yes will wipe your domain and put the default house back, but you will have a back up if you need to restore


Added instructions to OP for restoring from backup should the default house fall upon your domain in an unwanted manner.


@Menithal , thank you for putting that PR up! The RC cutoff happened a week ago and had been going through QA and getting fixes. However, I would like to get another RC up relatively soon and hope we can get through the current list of QA ready tasks quickly to make that happen. If people would like to get involved in QA, feel free to test things in the list and if you want to get serious about it, DM me and I will add you to the qatesters slack channel."QA+Ready" .

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Something super-weird with the audio specific to me. Thoys doesn’t hear it. Sending in error crash reports. Keep us posted. I’ve just confirmed this @open and @lulu and tested YouTube. This is specific to Interface. Just tried to describe it to @MichelleLeckrone it sounds like a loud dial-up modem from 1990 buzzing LOUDLY in my ears.

Unfortunately, i can’t tolerate the buzzing, so I rudely left abruptly without saying too much. Sorry michelle. it hurt. :confused:


@AlphaVersionD Please e-mail the logs to , ty



[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] Plugin pcmCodec.dll loaded successfully
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] DEBUG [ "Microphone (8- Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter)" ] [ "Microphone (8- Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter)" ]
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] The default audio input device is "Microphone (8- Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter)"
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] The audio input device  "Microphone (8- Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter)" is available.
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] The desired format for audio I/O is QAudioFormat(24000Hz, 16bit, channelCount=1, sampleType=SignedInt, byteOrder=LittleEndian, codec="audio/pcm")
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] The format to be used for audio input is QAudioFormat(44100Hz, 16bit, channelCount=1, sampleType=SignedInt, byteOrder=LittleEndian, codec="audio/pcm")
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] Attemping to create a resampler for input format to network format.
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] DEBUG [ "Speakers (8- Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter)" ] [ "Speakers (8- Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter)" ]
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] init codec: "hifiAC"
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] init codec: "pcm"
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] init codec: "zlib"
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] The default audio output device is "Speakers (8- Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter)"
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] The audio output device  "Speakers (8- Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter)" is available.
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] The desired format for audio I/O is QAudioFormat(24000Hz, 16bit, channelCount=2, sampleType=SignedInt, byteOrder=LittleEndian, codec="audio/pcm")
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] The format to be used for audio output is QAudioFormat(48000Hz, 32bit, channelCount=1, sampleType=SignedInt, byteOrder=LittleEndian, codec="audio/pcm")
[09/30 16:13:11] [DEBUG] Attemping to create a resampler for network format to output format.


thanks for this heads up Judas ‘make available’ does not describe such dire consequenecs and a clearer description of outcome by HiFi should be consisdered - thats beta for you i guess


New feature enabled by default

Enable dynamic texture management seems to be a new feature for those wishing to automatically have all their textures made blurry

interesting lol


A couple of new features in the entities list which people might miss:

1) “Filter to in view” button.

Click the circled button to filter the list to display only entities “in view” (in the view frustum or in a small sphere “keyhole” around the camera’s location). The button text is blue when the filter is active.

2) Extra columns of performance information.

Click the small horizontal carat (triangle) at the very right of the table header to expand/collapse extra columns.
These columns contain information on the rendering cost of model entities:

  • Number of vertices
  • Number of textures
  • Total texture file size
  • Textures include transparency?
  • Numer of draw calls
  • Entity contains a script?


Hello, Ken the audio developer here.

If you are having audio problems with Beta Release 21, here are two things you might want to check.

First, we are now using a lower-level audio API (WASAPI shared-mode) on the Windows platform. This greatly reduces latency, but bypasses the automatic format conversions done by Windows, so your settings must match a format that we support.

You can change the default format of the Windows native mix-engine by right-clicking on the speaker icon -> Playback devices -> Properties -> Advanced:

For playback, we currently support stereo (2-channel) with [16, 24, 32] bits and [16, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 ,192] KHz sample rate. Support for more exotic formats (such as 5.1 channel) may be added in a future release. Until then, please ensure that your Windows default format matches this list.

Second, we now attempt to automatically detect the minimum amount of output buffering needed to deliver glitch-free audio. If you are experiencing audio dropouts, silence, or the infamous “buzzsaw” effect, please try manually setting the audio output buffers to 8. Your settings in Developer -> Audio -> Buffers… should look like this:

If this works, you can manually lower the buffers to the minimum that still results in glitch-free audio. If neither of these resolves your audio issues, please provide as much detail as you can, and we’ll investigate the problem.


Latest build 21 no audio

I tried this and it didnt help.
My audio devices dont even show up on the menu anymore.
I have already sent logs.


To see audio devices u need advanced menu and and maybe dev menu enabled under settings
then they appear under audio


Like I said, my audio devices dont even show up. They’re blank.


I have advanced and development menus enabled. And always have seen Audio menu -> Devices
But now on this beta version, on this machine, both input devices and output are greyed out, and I get no sound at all


Mine is same as Adrian’s


Web entity sound works, but right now web sound is not going through HiFi.

This machine is win 7. One other machine I have here, win 10: connected to HMD, audio seems to work fine.

I will have to check it again to make sure, but it seemed to work at the meeting on Friday.


In my case i where missing the audio devices to. i did restart a few times the defaultscript and did relog to get the options back.

Audio is anyway a mess. But that’s more because that annoying steamVR. Mabye high fidelity is now ignoring steamVR an not use windows audio default devices. That would be the right way.

Need to do more testing