Beta Release 22


Beta Release 22 includes up to Developer Release 5424, and contains no protocol changes.

  • Fixes to audio for Windows 7
  • Even lower audio latency
  • Make static control packets class members
  • Fix the crash on startup if default ambient map fails to load
  • Fix for crash bug in web entities
  • Fix to a crash related to bouncing between domains.
  • Remove OGLPlus usage in Offscreen QML rendering.The OGLPlus functionality of calling glGetError() after every function is impacting performance.
  • Add guards to getShapeKey
  • Fix crashes in calculateMaterialSize… which could be caused by scripts getting properties, while textures are being loaded or set from other threads.
  • Fix crash in initializing texture transfer thread. Disabled the use of OpenGL 4.5 DSA functions in the texture transfer thread
  • Don’t use GL functions before making the context current
  • Fix crash in scripted timer on shutdown
  • Fix the Debug build of Interface on Windows
  • Don’t check for user membership in a null list of groups
  • Loopback local injectors on server echo
  • Assignment Client fixes
    ** Sets the SessionUUID before emitting the connectedToDomain signal
    ** Fix “Agent AC fails to grab script added from DS assignment run page”
    ** Fix warning message in assignment clients: DependencyManager::get(): No instance available for class controller::ScriptingInterface
  • Change the process for home content updates
  • Fix an AC script’s ability to delete entities
  • Reload QML with scripts

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