Beta Release 25


Beta Release 25 includes up to Developer Release 5622. No protocol changes this time!

  • Changes to texture loading rules
  • Improve domain check
  • Simply tester questions
  • Include crowd summoning, with control over number and number making noise
  • Dk/agent avatar audio artifacts
  • Fix shutdown order of qml/audio
  • Fix potential race in NodeList
  • Add a timer to Socket to check for readyRead backup
  • Disable OpenVR submit thread when async reprojection is enabled
  • Fix for crash in openvr on startup
  • Fix the timing of the launchedFromSteam property
  • Add a menu item to run audio stats script
  • Fix race condition in BatchLoader
  • Add getter for SteamVR’s buildID to SteamClient
  • Fix away.js vulnerability
  • Update help image for gamepad to include grab and click lasers
  • When vive is on i5 report a correct target frame rate so we can see that in metaverse stats
  • Disable console splash screen
  • Fix agent audio underflow
  • Clean audio mixer
  • Display warning overlay instead of scene when below min spec
  • Fix for crash in QtWebEngineCore when rapidly switching domains
  • Updates for min spec check for Steam
  • Debug last sequence number and socket when readyRead is stuck
  • Revise loading progress bar
  • Fix for weird avatar when switch Vive -> Desktop mode
  • Updating min spec overlay image
  • Update being of light model
  • Exit Sandbox instead of asking to quit
  • Fix race condition in BatchLoader
  • Add tutorial tracking for going through the welcome portal

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