Beta Release 28 ** HOTFIX UPDATE **


Beta Release 28 - Includes up to Developer Release 5723. This release contains a protocol change, so you will need to update.

Updates to Discovery Breaks out Places and Snapshots.

Updates to Kick feature. You can now kick someone, and it will add a machine id and IP address to your ban list.
Ignore feature update When you ignore someone they will not be able to see or hear you.

Privacy Bubble: You can now put a privacy zone around your avatar. What this means is that when the bubble is activated, anytime someone enters into the bubble they will not be able to see or hear you. In turn, you will not be able to see or hear them. To activate:

  1. Click the ‘Bubble’ icon in you HUD:
  2. Now, anytime someone enters within the bubble they will disappear. The below graphic is an example of the radius of the bubble (when you activate the bubble you will not see a bubble around you)

Listed updates

  • Use matching hash keys for input/output when batch-loading scripts.
  • Fix some crash on exits
  • Don’t send audio/avatar data for ignoree to ignored node
  • Introduce Instanced Stereo Drawcall
    • Introduces the instanced stereo drawcall technique to achieve the drawcall of a shape in stereo to the left and right viewports of the stereo framebuffer in a single instanced drawcall
  • Disable threaded reprojection when running Oculus in OpenVR
  • Fix for mac min OpenGL version
  • Block scripts until follow-on includes are finished but still avoid multiple evaluations of included urls
  • Guard patched agents asking for other agents in domain-server
  • Improve Input Stage Format switching in GL45Backend
  • Fix - When avatar’s parent is deleted, avatar does not move
  • Fix buffer leak in line entity
  • Provide tab-like control over whether suggestions shows snapshots, place concurrency, or all.
  • Fix polyvox memory leak
  • Bug fix for blank webEntities during long sessions
  • Multichannel audio support
  • Animated GIF Snapshots
  • Turn Edit.js on when importing entities
  • Fix polyvox buffer size
  • Add hardware address based permissions to domain-server

** HOTFIX **

We have an update to fix Audio on Windows 7


My nightmare did just happen. The good mthing is the bubble got a button.
The bad thing is that the placed it on the wrong place.

The always changing hud start to get annoying. It’s tiome that we can customize the buttons. It’s now on the place where the goto belong.

It where already annoying that the edit button moved, still have problems with that change. . it belongs where to goto button is.

Anyway, i would place the bubble button next to the kick button.


I like the bubble thing, it could maybe use some fine tuning.
I would possibly like my friends list to be immune.
Imagining a situation where I’m at one of @KevinMThomas Saturday shows and we could be all blinking on and off in the mosh pit.
The mute feature is sorta tricky to use. Imagine a situation where you have a room of avatars and someone is making bottom noises . You may have to click on several avatars before you isolate the one you intended to mute the problem is that you cant easily unmute the ones you clicked by mistake.

But its a good start


I agree this is a VERY powerful tool. Expanding upon what @Judas was suggesting, if there could be two options as a regional mute to encompass a radial area around the avatar in addition to an individual mute that would be quite powerful.


This is starting to remind me too much of an episode in Black Mirror.

Maybe an unmutual button. Once the ratio of unmutuality in a given area rises, then the person gets erased.


Issues I am having with this new release:

No audio. On this machine, I get no audio at all, neither sound out or voice in. The headset works in widows, default devices, etc. but after installing the new release, I get no audio at all in HiFi. At first I thought maybe my machine or headset had broken but I reverted back to last week’s release and audio worked again.

Then I reloaded the latest version and no audio again. One thing I noticed is:

I am getting a strange looking number in audio stats -> jitter.

Another thing is the address bar placename list. I get three tabs now.
One says “All” and seems to be the default.
the other two are “Places” and “Snaps”.

Right now for me, clicking on the “All” tab brings up 12 places, Only two are shown to have any people on them.
“Places” seems to show a list of placenames that are open to anyone, some without pictures.
“Snaps” shows a list of snapshots.

What exactly does “All” mean? I would think that all would mean places + snaps but that does not seem to be the case. What is the point of the “All” tab if it doesn’t show all and only shows avatar counts for non-snapshot entries?


Now that’s confusing. after reading @Twa_Hinkle post. i think check the goto bar.
And i could not find my domain. Seems high fidelity have annoying habbit to remove my domain from the goto list when am on that domain. That’s not expected behavior.
If i select all i get a few more then 12, it’s hard counting

Why can it not just show all places if you select all places ?

Now, the snapshot function. it’s not reall snapshot anymore.

The snapshot function make gif files by default. Better turn that ption off by default. Yes i just found the option and turned it off myself. But the gif is anyway useless. the quality is very very poor.

Ugly bad gif example:


Hi @Twa_Hinkle can you send your log. Specifically the top section of the log. Do other audio devices work for you?


CRasher bug with beta 28, see: Beta 28 crash when visiting busy domain


I just spent over an hour trying to get the new version of Interface to work on a different machine. So now I have the old machine with no audio, and the Vive machine that will not even start HiFi at all.

I’ll try to send the relevant log file for the no audio machine first. The Vive machine will take a bit longer if needed.


i have same problem after update today i have loose my voice and audio :frowning:


I found and fixed a problem with Beta Release 28 that can prevent audio from working on Windows 7. Later versions of Windows are not affected.

It will be included in Beta Release 29, or you can install the latest developer build from here:


Ken’s PR fixed my audio problem on win 7. And I found out that a win 10 update that had not installed correctly was my problem on my Vive machine. So YAAY!. all back working again. Sort of. … Still having problems with the arrow cursor showing up in HMD mode and a few other issues.


Is it possible that Beta Release 28 was RELEASE-5726? (the bubble feature for example doesn’t seem to be there in 5723, and I noticed @Twa_Hinkle’s screenshot/titlebar says 5726…)

Also was Beta Release 29 effectively already released? Because to connect to Welcome or Empty nothing around the time of Beta Release 28 seems to work anymore – first-next tag that seems able to connect is RELEASE-5730


Whatever happened to skyhook character controller?

I expected this two beta releases ago.


Beta 28 and now 5734 crashes quite frequently for me. Beta 26/27 were OK for me. Looks like an exception deep in OpenGL related to swap buffers.

Unhandled exception at 0x0000000068AA674C (nvoglv64.dll) in interface.exe: Fatal program exit requested.

nvoglv64.dll!0000000068aa674c() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000068062172() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000680ae26d() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000680ac892() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006809c1a9() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000068195e4e() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006819793c() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000068196653() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000068198883() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000681aca09() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006805f1fc() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!00000000681760db() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006813ed86() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!0000000068159cae() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006815a069() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006806f93d() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006806fabd() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006806f897() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006806f358() Unknown
nvoglv64.dll!000000006805975f() Unknown
opengl32.dll!wglSwapBuffers() Unknown
gdi32full.dll!SwapBuffers() Unknown
interface.exe!OpenGLDisplayPlugin::internalPresent() Line 595 C++
interface.exe!PresentThread::run() Line 207 C++
Qt5Core.dll!000000006a76f3aa() Unknown
msvcr120.dll!_callthreadstartex() Line 376 C
msvcr120.dll!_threadstartex(void * ptd) Line 354 C
kernel32.dll!BaseThreadInitThunk() Unknown
ntdll.dll!RtlUserThreadStart() Unknown

Beta 28 & 5734 crashes

Thanks @Balpien.Hammerer, we are looking into that issue. Can you try this:


Will do, downloading it now


First time in Welcome domain, PR9117 crashed but the exception was caught by the HF crash reporter (report sent). Second time in same domain, interface crashed but the exception was not caught…


Can you try this PR: and see if you are still seeing crashes?