Beta Release 29


Beta Release 29 contains up to Developer Release 5770, and will be rolling out in ~20 minutes from the time of this post. Of note in this release:

And also:

  • Glow line replacement without geometry shader
  • Reduce logspam, change some debug output to warning
  • Add AC Audio searcher for tutorial
  • Location cleanup to make people more aware of their sandbox placename
  • Fix the bad binding for polyline
  • Bubble on by default for new users
  • Address the crash when no vertex format is specified
  • Add bind polyfill and basic .editorconfig for indentation
  • Support debugging issues where we are seeing crashes in the OpenGL drivers
  • Fix a bug when using the gpu::Batch::_glUniform*() calls with a bad location
  • Fix ‘releaseGrab’ not being called when using grip buttons
  • Make hand-controller ui work in third person
  • Vec3 and shader helpers
  • Fix for teleport where you could not teleport to some location
  • When using mouse to grab, reduce energy of the grab as you get farther away and as objects get larger
  • Fixed children of parent object not being added back when performing an undo
  • Added jsdocs for MyAvatar
  • Fix a crash if current shader is null
  • Possible polyline crash fix
  • Updated the Qt audio plugins
  • Fixed pressing the grip button causes a near grabbed object to drop
  • Fix for driving/turning while flying in HMD mode
  • Fix for reset sensors while in desktop mode.
  • Client script test runner
  • New mic unmute art
  • Fix drop in text rendering quality when texture memory is low
  • Add dead zone to yaw controls
  • Fixes for building on MSVC 2015 / Qt 5.8
  • Fixed context menu showing up in the correct location with Oculus Touch

HOTFIX 12/9/2016 coming at around 12:15pm PST:

  • Re-implement Bugsplat
  • Fix for Glossy effects on NVidia cards.
  • Fix for Lights with AMD graphics cards.


Color me unhappy:

Same problem as beta 28.


Sparkly jacket Strange effect seems to be the light catching on her clothing


It seems, everything is very glossy, even when the textures for glossiness are matte.

On the other side, I miss the depth of the pbr textures. Unfortunately I don’t have a ‘before’ pic of the wall, but the surface was much nicer before.


Oh! I was ignoring/working-around issues that rather resemble those images on my system assuming it was the OSS Radeon MESA driver on my Debian box!


Are you running the latest drivers for your video card?


This happens with the most up-to-date driver from Nvidia I can confirm


“this”? being the giant green screen?


Do you know what build this started happening to you on? Can you revert to that build and paste some similar screen shots?


That is a rarity but it certainly does sparkle Check out open


the sparkle and the green screen are probably different issues… are you also seeing large blocks of incorrect coloring? can you post a screen shot?


Hi Balpien,

This looks like somehow your interface is showing the lighting volume or maybe a debug mode.
Can you ping me directly so we can debug this ?



As far as I know it’s something to do with shaders and and transparent layers but I can’t confirm as it’s not working properly today


Hi Skimi,

THanks for pointing out that bug.
I introduced a wrong conversion in the latest RC, now beeing fixed thanks to you in this PR:



This should be fixed for your specific issue @skimi with this patch;


Hi @sam, thanks for that fix, works well for the highlights. Just the other thing, with the depth of the textures it’s not working. I’ve installed the old Beta Release 28 and made a animated gif to show what I mean, but I can’t upload it here (link to my OneDrive under the pics):

Beta Release 28

(OneDrive link for the gif:!Atb-9lITsvASlvMolZ1tmX2HePd_lw)

Beta Release 29, inclusive the fix:

(OneDrive link for the gif:!Atb-9lITsvASlvMqrzkVrnlIQVDpUA)

Thank you!


Hi @OmegaHeron, I have seen on Github, that you tested that fix, thank you :slight_smile:


Back from Madrid holiday. Will do @sam


HI Skimi,

Damn it, i don’t know about this one
I ll look

Great domain for checking these by the way!
I m so glad there are users like you out there digging the hidden features of Hifi, feels good to found an audience :slight_smile:



Hi Balpien,

So another “amuzing” joke that came up is that we realize that the latest RC19 was completely failing the entity lighting on AMD (accross the boards)
We are just pushing a hotfix for that.
So your isssues might all be related to that hoppefully.

Cheers & Happy travelling!