Beta Release 31


Beta Release 31 includes up to Developer Release 5876. It contains a protocol change, so you will need to update once it goes live, ~40 minutes from the time of this post.

The most noticeable change will be that in your HUD, there is now a People button:

This takes you to the People Action List (PAL), where you can now see who is in the domain, see their audio levels, and more easily handle mutes and ignores.

If you’re a domain admin, this is also where you can administer silencing and bans.

In addition, while the PAL is up, other people will have blue sphere indicators on them. Clicking on a name in the PAL will change that person’s sphere to orange if they are in your field of view. Clicking on a person’s sphere while the PAL is up will highlight their name in the PAL list. An orange box will appear around the objects last edited by the selected person.

Side note: PAL lists display names, and you can change your display name via Settings -> Avatar. Currently, you will need to re-enter the domain in order for your name change to take effect.

Also in this release:

  • Additional work on tracing
  • Adding Machine Fingerprint to Domain Server permissions
  • Fix for overlayered model drawn in front
  • Session display names
  • Updates to tracing, removing log spam
  • Logging improvements
  • Fix competition between seek mouse and lasers
  • Log dialog doesn’t float on top
  • New chair script
  • Use a higher thread priority for Oculus present
  • High Dynamic Range Audio injectors
  • Script to push things with your hands
  • Add support for new Touch grip mappings to tutorial
  • Fix settings hitch
  • Expose dropped frames count to stats UI
  • Improve performance of Entities.callEntityMethod()
  • Factor out render item fetch/sort/cull
  • Faster HRTF
  • Add background to forward rendering path
  • More precise use of timers
  • Use supplied for Debug builds
  • Fix bitrot in unit tests
  • Track dropped frames as reported by the Oculus SDK
  • Improved audio resampler
  • Optimizations: using SIMD matrix operations to improve skinned model calculations
  • Fix animated entities
  • Quiet some warnings
  • Ambisonic limiter
  • Optimization of incoming avatar joint data in interface client
  • Fix a crash and a memory leak in vhacd-util
  • Fix “Running Scripts” window being inaccessible
  • Ambisonic rotation
  • Fix GL 4.5 when glTextureSubImage2DEXT unavailable
  • Halve the space bubble audio volume
  • less noisy measure of avatar processing performance metric
  • Working on test/trace script interface
  • debug window enhancements
  • cleanup avatar data code to include better documentation
  • Optimize avatar-mixer bandwidth for out of view avatars
  • measure avatar processing stats in Chrome trace framework
  • Only send machine fingerprint when not logged in
  • add Oculus Touch friendly grab and equip
  • Fix identity packet in AC
  • Entity script for Ambisonic sound emitter

1/12/2017 HOTFIX: A hotfix has been pushed to address issues some were having with mouse and laser interaction with overlays.


Is the User.usernameFromIDReply callback interface now the official binder to retrieve a persistent ID (either machine fingerprint or username)?

… Because I am -so- going to abuse the hell out of it for a couple of ideas I’ve have had floating about. Just need to check the status of custom blendshapes on avatars :wink:


There’s still that annoying dangerous content update question with every update.


Looks like a selector tthing for when people are editing


Ooh, you found a feature that didn’t make it in to the release notes. After checking with the devs, I’ve added it in now. When you select someone via PAL, it puts an orange box around objects last edited by that person.


Another update omg wtf that’s 1 this year why oh why oh why
Why can’t something second life something



Shame, went ahead and tested some features I needed to do something fun with the persistantIds. Unfortunately, The are alot of features required that are not in place yet :frowning:

And I just got myhopes up :frowning:


Center HUD seems still to crawl annoying up. i still need to move it every N logins down again to the screen bottom because it start to interfere with the object am editing.


Im not sure if this function is good, i need to think about it. But it feels like a big brother tool.

It’s just a terrible idea if other users can see what you did as last. It’s really a srt of tracking tool. So, not really happy with this right now. not sure how the effect will be in lsrge group.

Where’s the ‘Do not track’ option.


The last-edited tracking is per-session, not a lifetime tracking of a person’s edit history, if that helps. Either way, duly noted. Thanks for bringing that up.


Transparency bug still persists.



Hotfix inbound to address an issue with mouse and laser interaction with overlays.


Looks like pressing the update button , opens the webbrowser and you download the new version. it also close interface. But that still keeps hidden running.

It also seems to consume still a pretty amount off CPU if it’s hidden.

That hidden running of interface is anyway a problem that happens still to many times in different cases. But this one is clear how it did happen.

Getting my gun and and going shoot interface down. :wink: Then we can update.


Old bug is back, though in this case it was the sandbox refusing to shut down.

Shot in head, updates applied.


My home domain loads soooo much more slowly after this update. It takes almost 20-30 minutes for everything to load now. Before everything would be finished loading in less than 3. And this is with the default domain that came preinstalled with the sandbox. I’ve added nothing of my own to it yet beyond a custom skybox.

Am I the only one experiencing this issue? I even deleted HiFi and all files from it and then reinstalled and the issue persists.


Is your domain filled with own content ? or did you clicked the option to update the sandbox content ? The last option could slow things down until it’s cached.

But i have not seen problems on my domain.


Touch Controller Teleportation broken.


Sounds like i need to loging earlyer to test some htc vive things :open_mouth:


@AlphaVersionD, can you be more specific? I am using Touches and teleporting is functional for me. I’ve checked around with others and they report no issues, and the greeters say they haven’t seen complaints coming in about it either. Any additional information would be helpful. Thank you!