Beta Release 32


Beta Release 32 includes up to Developer release 5892. There is no protocol change in this update. The update should be available ~30 minutes after the time of this post.

Of note:

  • We have integrated’s 3D model library with the High Fidelity Marketplace. Read more about it on our blog, then go check it out!
  • Updates to the People Action List (PAL):
    ** The PAL click-nodes on the avatars now indicate audio level with brightness.
    ** Scrollbar refinement and visual updates - for example, domain admins should now find it easier to avoid accidentally banning someone while trying to scroll down the people list.


  • Improve FBX parsing performance
  • Adding tracking of Oculus renders, submits, and frames that are over budget
  • Change default scripts to include 3D model library in Marketplace
  • Add profiling in Context batch execution and shortcuts for trace names
  • Add a local HRTF gain adjustment
  • Add dependency to Ubuntu documentation
  • Add process and system CPU usage to traces
  • Eagerly cache QML surfaces for Web3D overlays
  • Minor cleanup for Model rendering code
  • Reduce min threads in threadpool to 1
  • Improve FBX parsing performance


Just looking at it, this sounds very exciting. I just want to say that to the high fidelity team.


There’s one problem, that get more urgent now with And sadly the never fixt that in Secondlife. The font is at some places small on the page. I hope high fidelity is getting some option soon to increase the (marketplace) font size.

Only on 2K screen. Poor users on 4K screen.

  • It would be nice if the marketplace remember the last page you used and start there when you open it again. Same with all pages.

I wish websited started to use better contrast, or it’s the tiny font. In firefox it’s still not to bad.

Click this image for real size.

But the high fidelity marketplace is… Lets say eye drama.
And on the forum here it looks better then it’s on my screen

I have set the resolution of the image to the one i have reported back in my paint program for better compare.

(Removed the tree part, because it looks like you need to texture it yourself, call that a user error from me)

Tried a mini cooper, uhmm. something not really right. Scale is fun to. default it’s to tiny. and when you press reset scale it’s to BIG !

Ok, i think the tree’s arewithout textures. but the mini cooper have a problem. Also is a pain for firefix and makes ir very slow. But that’s not high fidelity problem.


Looks like it’s up to 5909 already, hotfixes?

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