Beta Release 33


Has anyone weighed in on performance of this update on the Mac, or am I the only person using one (My Vive is connected to a PC, but I use my MBP to be mobile)?
I get no scripts running with the update, I have reloaded and reinstalled the default.js several times. Right clicking does nothing, and I can’t really do anything, because I have no usable UI.
Thanks for any help anyone can give me. Worked fine up to now.


Agreed, @judas. Though there are a few niceties about the tablet, the one I loath is having multiple tablets smack my avatar in the head when present around a lot of other people. In the last stress test, several tablets passed in front of me with that stupid privacy notice. The damn tablets of OTHERS should be INVISIBLE to me. It’s just a lot of annoying clutter.


At least on other person has noted this problem:


Your not alone with MBP problems.


The not project the tablet as HUD ? But inworld ?
That’s a big design flaw in desktop mode. And can be annoying in HMD.
Can the not render the tablets invisible for everyone else except the user that owns it ?


@DrFran I am completely new to High Fidelity, but it looks like you just identified there cause of my issue. It looks like there is an issue with the latest build running on Mac.



I am reporting identical issues on my MBP - right click does not bring up tablet.


The tablet looks better with marketplace and users at 100%. but the problem is that it only takes more screen space. Black border is screen waste to.

Marketplace keeps loading slow.
Still not like the way we need to switch back to the main menu.

After the stress test #3, am still in the middle with a yes or no. I noticed a few things.

I made the tablet bigger in desktop mode 100% Looks better, but it takes more screen space users are fine readable now. It would be nice if we can move it at some point in desktop mode to other screen. So when you do heavy building you can move it out of the main screen. instead playting football with the tablet.

On the stress test #3 i noticed in HMD mode that the tablet did appear many times very high i would say above my head. It also did have the bad habbit to appear many times on the right side of mee instead of front where i look.

Both HMD and Desktop mode need to remember the last position. you keep moving it.

Navigating in the tablet is still a tricky point.
If you choice the option menu. There’s no vertical scrollbar on the right side. so it’s pretty hard to navigate in say developer You click faster item then that you scroll.

Stil a fact that buttons take less space on your desktop screen :open_mouth: But i keep using the tablet for now. In someway i like it.

“I Hate to love it” :grin:

ADD: The tablet need a minimize button for the desktop version. So you can hide it. But not close it and lose what you where doing.

Just thinking, other idea. Because edit is so extra complex. But overall i like the tablet. Can we not have shortcut button bar on the desktop so people can drag and dock buttons to the main screen side (bottom in my case) So important buttons can be visible with 1 click. but the tablet keeps the main panel. where screen buttons link to. Or it’s irritating with the tablet b3ecause you need to move it every few seconds wqhen you open and close the table. Something not right.


So, is that it for Mac?


Note to HF dev team, the Mac build seems to be broken for several Mac owners. Feedback welcomed: @Caitlyn @chris


This beta desktop version is pretty unstable. I have not crashed so many times as with this one. Playinmg more with avatar and pack model.

The crash not generate always a dang. Just a silent crash to desktop.

People and Users have the same icon in the tablet. and to make it a bit more difficult the are next to each other to. :astonished: I hope the get different icons.


Hi Guys, I am looking at where the Mac build started having the issue and will report back.


the last update broke it, Chris.


sorry, I mean where specifically in the last update. The great @KevinMThomas is helping out


Found it @chris 6002 is where it first broke.


My hero. and 20 characters.


YAY @DrFran you are awesome!