Beta Release 35


Beta Release 35 includes up to Developer Release 6106. No protocol change this time! The release should be live ~30 after the time of this post.

Of note:

  • Oculus Touch users will now see hand movements (thumbs up, point, fist, etc.)
  • The tablet UI is now an overlay

And also:

  • PAL
    ** Filter PAL by view distance
    ** Fix unmute when ignoring in PAL
    ** Remember gain settings when PAL is closed and reopened
    ** PAL average volume sorting
  • Fix avatars slightly out of view in large audience from freezing
  • Make Debug defaultScripts.js option less error prone.
  • Point index finger and raise thumb if not touching controller
  • Fix for Web Entity not leaving Focus
  • Fix issue where ‘confirm password’ on domain server settings wouldn’t let you correctly set the password
  • Fix a crash in ESS on ES shutdown
  • Add shortbow to Marketplace scripts
  • Tablet homebutton dimension and position now scales with tablet
  • Add hips pinning / Sit script
  • Faster avatar updates
  • No bullet shape for collisionless polyvox
  • Fix bug drawing avatar above ground
  • Increase max renderable web entity FPS to 30 for YouTube
  • Add Hifi-Hand-Drop so scripts can cause grabbed items to be dropped


A hotfix has been released to deal with a pesky crashing issue. The item in the notes above, “Faster avatar updates,” has been reverted.

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We need a hotfx fr the noise reduction clicking sound. Now you need to turn it off with all side effects with that choice. Shame that where not fixt in this beta.


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