Beta Release 37


A sizeable release today, including a protocol change. Includes up to Developer Release 6322. Should be live within ~1hr from the time of this post. Here we go:

PAL v2.0 (Handshake, Connections)

  • You can now make “connections” in High Fidelity with a handshake! With your hand controllers, place your hands near each other and hold the grip button. You should see a swirly, sparkly effect. When you hear the “ding” you are connected! You can now see their name in your Connections tab of the People menu and you’ll be able to see their username as well.

  • To go a step further in your relationship with a connection, you can make somebody your “friend” by clicking their checkbox in the Connections tab.
  • You can now set your availability in the “People” menu to all Connections, Friends Only, or Appear Offline. Desktop users can access the handshake by pressing and holding X on their keyboards.
  • Retain selection in PAL when sorting or reloading
  • If you have the PAL up, and you select an avatar, the PAL will now switch to the nearby tab

Tablet UI

  • Moved all dialogs to the Tablet UI format
  • Users and People menus are now combined.
  • New options for Finger tapping


  • Change default avatar to ball and stick avatar. If you miss the old blue alien default, it is available on the Marketplace!
  • Expose Avatar Skeleton to JavaScript
  • Added accessor to get Avatar default pose in avatar space
  • Added translation support to AC avatar animations.
  • Optimize AvatarMixer with respect to Identity and Avatar Data
  • Vive: Expose all 16 tracked poses to the controller system
  • Added menu item: Developer > Avatar > Show IK Targets
  • Cancel Avatar velocity when sitting down.
  • Fix crash when unpacking too many joints.


  • Add Hifi-Hand-Drop so scripts can cause grabbed items to be dropped
  • Steady hand lasers
  • If someone else is grabbing entity you want to grab, show their grab beam
  • Don’t automatically unhook overlays from hands unless they were grabbable overlays


  • Fix audio devices switching when they shouldn’t
  • Make sure the AC agent has an AudioScriptingInterface
  • Fix data race in audio output initialization
  • Add AudioNoiseGate to Agent
  • Better detection of silent samples in audio-mixer
  • Removed duplicated audio devices


  • Creating new avatar rendering library, prepping for crowd rendering project
  • Fixing the rendering of Image3D overlay when drawn in the scene
  • Rename render::PendingChanges to render::Transaction
  • Fixing the bad rendering of the instanced primitives on 4.1
  • Clean up the utilities scripts of the render folder
  • Tweaks to the Physics Simulation Ownership Icon Rendering
  • Expose rendering in wireframe mode
  • Minor cleanup of render pipeline for models and avatars


  • Cloneable Equipment
  • Implement modules/require support into hifi
  • Avatar should now vanish when teleporting far away
  • Fix FB3999; Fix crashes caused by getAvatar()
  • Fix crashes when clicking in the homebutton
  • Fix cached ResourceCache::prefetch() state updates
  • Cleanup EncodeBitstreamParams to use nodeData when possible
  • Made server plugins a build dependency of assignment-client
  • Fix teleport when something equipped
  • Add packet loss % to stats
  • Thread safety for property getter/setters on entities
  • Script turns your interface into a camera that can be used to stream events.
  • Stop WebEntities Running Files and Commands
  • OpenVR: upgrade to version 1.0.6, for better generic tracker support
  • Fix entity “unlock” edits not being propagated to clients
  • QML fixes
  • TabletWebView redesigned to single WebView instance
  • Recenter body on teleport
  • Use old controller data for 3 seconds when losing track of touch controllers
  • OBJ Loader Rewrite to Support Multiple Materials
  • Fix broken eventBridge on tablet after Reload All Scripts.
  • Fix fast talking
  • Remove unnecessary prints and code for tabletWebView.qml
  • Photobooth Improvements: Using Tablet & Ability to Rotate Model
  • Add foot IK targets as actions, map Kinect feet to foot targets
  • Add AnimationCache to agent scripts
  • Fix polyvox support
  • Fixing the roughness/reflection quantization bug
  • New function – Model.newMesh which can create meshes from javascript
  • Improvement to sit script
  • Reduce memory bandwitdh to GPU for skinned meshes
  • Fix swapped buttons in oculus touch graphic
  • Remove properties from RayToEntityIntersectionResult
  • Raise max mesh count for static collision entities from 500 to 1000
  • Fix Oculus Touch + Remote not being detected after initial launch
  • Removing Duplicate Status Icons for Submeshes
  • New texture streaming system
  • Modifies the mechanism by which textures are cached and loaded. It allows textures to be loaded on the main thread with throttled creation and throttled incremental transfer in order to prevent stuttering. It also allows textures to be both lowered and increased in quality by streaming mip levels from a cached KTX version of the texture.
  • Fixed the texture assignment for the OBJ loader
  • Add particle system overlay in edit.js
  • Model scripting
    ** new javascript call: Model.appendMeshes which can combine multiple meshes into one
    ** new javascript call: Model.transformMesh which multiplies a matrix into all the vertices in a mesh and returns a new mesh with the results
  • Fix possible crash in Menu::removeSeparator
  • zero velocity of deactivated dynamic entities
  • Fix double snap turn strafing
  • Remove About Interface from File menu
  • Remove Mini Mirror from View menu
  • Disable Developer > Assets > ATP Asset Migration menu item
  • Replace Developer > Network > Disk cache editor with menu action
  • Fix the typo in the assert for isWireframe
  • Delete Developer > Network > RAM Caches Size menu item and dialog
  • command-line utility for fetching an asset from a remote asset-server
  • Fix build problems on VS 2015 and VS 2017
  • Change to Log Font and Formatting
  • Avatar Recorder and Playback Fixes
  • Strip AudioNoiseGate of dead code
  • Fixes for race conditions in DebugDraw
  • Fix JS exception messages formatting
  • Various noise gate, scope, and audio stats improvements
  • Add double click message support to entities and overlays
  • Fix Line3DOverlays bound updates
  • Fixed bug where recording sends you to (0, 0, 0)
  • Update Oculus SDK to 1.11
  • Restore missing shading pipeline for simple opaque in deferred
  • ModelEntityItems that use ‘sphere’ for shapeType should collide as true spheres
  • Adding ability for QML/JS file to be visible in QtCreator
  • Remove Developer > Network > Bandwith Details dialog
  • Fixing Emissive on overlay for models (opaque and transparent)
  • Clear caches on domain switch
  • Fix unsafe SIMD optimizations
  • Agent Avatars sending loudness in AvatarData
  • Avoid animation blending for other avatars


new default avatar I think it’s causing problems anybody had any issues like this


I havent tried it but want to be the first to say i dont like it and why cant it be more like firestorm


Hmm, you see some similarities ?


Where’s the user button ?
Now you not see anymore if friends are online. It’s not under people to.

Nice that the edit button is complete right. Sad i need again to get used to the new place. Im alreadyu

NOT getting excited from this terrible move. It’s clumpsy in use and you keep clicking around. I give it for now the stamp “I hate it” How can we undock this window to a second monitor. or better but it back old style on the desktop. To much clicking now when you need to open assets etc.

When is high fidelity removing this extreme dangerous question when you start the server after updating. It almost got me after a long time again. Just dont ask it. Put that update option in the tray menu.

And conmvert the ESC to wqhat it need todo, ESCAPE. Not the always pause function. You can only ESC the cam in build mode by pressing the ESC key. pressinbgg ‘F’ again does not bring you out of it. but now you get that pause screen every time.

ADD: The reason why i dropped the tablet we have back.
Every time you click edit that ^%$&^ window appears in the center of my screen and i need to move it to the correct side. It does not remember the position !

Things start to get worse.

When you switch from HDM to desktop mode, it did not release the controllers so i could not move my mouse. Lucky there’s ALT-F4 :frowning:

The tablet in HMD mode still is rezzed almost always above my head , instead close to my hip as highed.


I don’t want to know the connect process for making someone your virtual lover! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice to have the “Go to” opening now in the tablet.
But I think the main page has some design issues:
The images are too large, we can see only 2 frames at a time. This is not helping to have an overview by chuck of 2 frames. The images could be smaller (people will check the detailed page if they want more information.), this will allow more frame visible.
There is not too much room to run the pencil to scroll without hitting a hyperlink. Link to “Info” and link to “Teleport” have to be clear and intuitive. Not sure that I want to be teleported by clicking the image… Intuitively, I would like more detail first and decide if I want to teleport after.
The close or the back button is just at the same place where the mute icon is … That’s annoying to do back and mute the mic because it’s very responsive. Maybe the mute icon is not at the correct place, that corner is where we close everything.

Would be fun to be able also to have options on the visibility of the standard buttons that we don’t use frequently to make room for our custom ones. (They have their counterpart in the menu anyway)


That problem you still have in the settings menu too, you cannot easy scroll (no scrollbar) without clicking things. I need to check it in this version again. but i think it’s not changed.


I noticed that edit.js -> properties is many times opening a bit slow. Especially because it’s on local sandbox. and that run on SSD.

ADD: Why can we not rescale the entities list window wider. This another terrible downgrade. It’s now hard to read all the numbers and parameters. In the past i made the window just wider, half my screen to read the numbers. Not possible anymore.

And still no reload button for the model URL. Since this version reloading is only more annoying because it seems todo a refresh when you change the url. if you want to fast remove the extra charater. you do scroll up. edit.js is anyway slower in this beta


New Problem.

If you have edit.js enabled. And you want to open the marketplace. It’s closing edit.js. And no marketplace appears. You need to click a few times the marketplace button to get it open. Unles syou move the mouse piter away from the hud. Now i have seen this unwanted behaivor. You not want edit get closed when you access something esle. I noticed that it’s doing the same with the other buttons in desktop mode.

So if your in edit mode, and you need to acess people. It’s closing edit.js. Whaaa ? :scream: And people not open until you click it a few of times.
Anyway. You not want to close edit.js when you need to access something else. You lose the focus of your object you work on !.

Why are we forced from soemthing easyer (still diffciult) that allow you to multitask into some monster that is singletasking and make things only harder then it already where.


The hud in desktop mode.

|Still seems to crawl a bit up from my screen bottom. Where it still interferes with the laoding message at times.


Got a hotfix rolling out in ~1hr which:

  • Fixes some graphics related crashes
  • Fixes a tablet related crash


One more hotfix for you! This one fixes a crash caused by image loading.


Haven’t crashed in weeks but i do get that everyone’s​ a robot thing