Beta Release 38


Beta Release 38 includes up to Developer Release 6383, and should be available to you about an hour from the time of this post. You’ll need to update in order to access domains running this version of High Fidelity.

Of note:

  • Doppleganger Mirror - you can now check yourself out and see how you look from every angle:

    (Remember, don’t get too critical of yourself. You’re beautiful the way you are.)
  • Avatar recording has been overhauled, and you can now get the new “Avatar Recording and Playback” tablet app from the High Fidelity Marketplace and give it try in your own domain or in Welcome.
  • You can now bookmark avatars in order to swap between your favorites easily.
  • Added tetherball create and entity scripts.
  • A new “hinge” constraint which lets you link two entities together as if attached by a hinge.
  • New Tutorial and entity scripts nbody.js - creates a planet and two moons in front of you.
  • Better compression - you should notice faster load times in some of our hosted domains, and better cache management for textures in general. Let us know!


  • Fixes to a couple of different bug vectors for avatars getting stuck in t-pose
  • Newly created entities in Edit.js should be grabbable
  • Make userInfoViewer button always clickable for myCard
  • The Snapshot Review dialog now appears as soon as the snapshot is finished capturing (versus the current behavior, where it appears after the GIF finishes processing). While the GIF is processing, the Snapshot Review dialog displays a “Loading” image until the GIF is finished processing.
  • turn on handControllerGrab debug prints
  • Add textures BC compression
  • Add progressive load for KTX textures
  • cleanup Agent RSI handling, make loadRecording async
  • Make it easier to exit FingerPaint
  • fix can’t grab tablet
  • Fix GIFs not sharing
  • Uploading a GIF now returns a new shareable_url
  • Fix getAvatar() not working for AC scripts
  • Fix GoTo text field focus; other GoTo tweaks
  • Added quadratic ease-in-and-out smoothing to remote avatars
  • Cleanup dependencies in Avatar class in preparation for migration to new lib
  • Fix issue of tablet proxy not choose the correct root
  • Fix Entities.setLocalJointTranslations
  • Adding support for variable allocated textures to the GL 4.1 backend
  • Far grab improvement to draw held entity toward yourself
  • Don’t render (or heavily use GPU) when window in minimized
  • Update Display menu on unsuccesful selection
  • Cleaning the Engine/Task/Job interface
  • Make setBlendshape changes persist
  • Introducing support for the ResourceBuffer binding point in the gpu lib,
  • Clean up plugins/hifiCodec dependencies
  • Add a column to edit.js to identify baked models
  • force DS to use new node ID if connect is re-sent
  • Running this client script allows the use of an open mic/speaker configuration, such as when not using headphones.
  • Add support for ignore radius from agent scripts
  • Added tabletwebview keyboard for HMD
  • Fix incorrect logging in makeUserConnection
  • Fix entity script unloads
  • Condition tutorial on active HMD
  • Make the Particle Emitter easier to use
  • makeUserConnection.js Fix for alternative skeletons
  • Input recorder/ input playback system for all input actions
  • Make record script able to be put on the marketplace
  • Fix excessive copying when querying the size of a KTX backed texture
  • Kinect hand filter


Is it supposed to be in the version 6435?
because I don’t see that “Doppleganger Mirror”.


@Alezia.Kurdis You probably need to run the app-doppleganger.js script. (Included in the install, but also available on the Marketplace.)


Something changed in PBR ?
I moved my private sandbox to my private domain.
And it where after many try and error good with some object on my sandbox. Now the same object is extreme shiny.


messing trying to learn quixel and seems ok


With only the diffuse map things are easy. also in 3D-coat.
The problems start when you need the gloss / metal maps.


these have gloss metal normal and alberts, substance painter - photoshop -blender to hifi


I need to remember and try the 50% opacity judas trick.