Beta Release 41


Beta Release 41 includes up to Developer release 6033. You will need to update to this version in order to visit domains that are running it.

NOTE: Due to updates to the Avatar Recording script, you will need to stop the script where you have it running currently, and get the new version of it from Marketplace. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Assorted fixes and tweaks:

  • Force locked entities to be static in bullet
  • Treat locked like other properties that affect simulation
  • Add unpublishedScripts content to the JS project
  • Fix AC playback script not logging
  • Prevent ping-ponging of texture quality when oversubscribed
  • Add BC7 compression support
  • Make server entity scripts respect the script whitelist
  • Fix crash for Zone with ‘compoundURL’ property
  • Added refreshing of Account Managers access token
  • Fix eye behavior in recording playback
  • MeshPartPayload keeps weak pointer to Model
  • IK tuning and bug fixes
  • Remove version difference from update dialog
  • This PR will fix the attachments to be scaled based on a models naturalDimensions
  • Fix crash in entity ScriptEngine
  • Ensure AvatarMixerClientData AvatarData has session ID
  • Display spinner in Web controls when they’re loading an HTTP page
  • DS HTTP auth will no longer accept any password if the assigned password is blank
  • Should fix crash in general setting dialog
  • Fix/check extension running scripts
  • Added a LowVelocityFilter to the input system
  • Fix compressed texture size evaluation and Cleaning up the texture counters (number and memory) for better reporting
  • Fix rotation axes of stopwatch hands
  • Replace the original noise gate with a pro-audio style noise gate
  • Fix up queryAACubes before sending imported entities to server
  • If something is locked but in motion, make it kinematic rather than static
  • Never store an address with an empty host
  • Require a valid access token and expiry to attempt token refresh
  • Do not allow divide by zero on assigning mip data
  • Update baking tool to enable compression and re-baking
  • Fix code that was using old field
  • Prevent Infinite loop in FBXReader
  • Fix collision signal emission for static objects


Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter (Microphone and Headphones) good in 40, silent in 41. Crashed. Report sent.


Thanks for screwing my sound settings again high fidelity ! :angry:
Now i know why i missed sound last night. Yes, i not get used to it.

Stop starting steamVR !


Did you tried to clecik your sound devices again. It started to work after i did that here on my sound card. (not tried the vive)