Beta Release 42


Beta Release 42 contains up to Developer Release 6626. Another set of fixes and tweaks in this one. You should see it go live in about an hour. Onward!

  • Fix the skybox flickering and other lighting issues related to zone entities
  • Don’t allow sorting on non-sortable columns in PAL
  • Fix collision signal emission for static objects
  • Focus is now changed when adding a new list item in DS settings
  • Add KTX validation routines
  • Fix compressed KTX loading
  • Ensure user never loses running scripts
  • Added Vive Tracker calibration for upper arm/shoulders
  • Fixes the “Reset my settings but retain avatar info.” option after a crash.
  • Moved audio asset processing to a separate thread
  • OpenSSL installer update
  • Fix markdown headers
  • Fix SendQueue not setting lastReceiverResponse when recv handshake ack
  • Edit.js: Fix hidden dynamic property while clone-able is active
  • Changed the DEFAULT_DISCOVERABILITY_MODE to Connections
  • Remove extra activity logger call
  • Add placeholder image when previous snapshot can’t be loaded
  • Snapshots: Fix incorrect “for_url” share; ensure old snapshots don’t get shared when they shouldn’t
  • Solve jitteriness when scrolling the content in HMD mode -> Marketplace using the scrollbar.


Hmm, still no fix for “SteamVR get started without users permission”. No need to update.


…unless you want to visit anyone else domain… lol


Little change with the state high fidelity is in.
Then i worry about it then. And mabye there’s another beta out before.
It just speed things up by skipping updates. Installing is not soemthing that’s done in 1 minute.


Most likely they can’t address that as it is a steamVR feature if you have the Vive connected


The can. Especially because i told steamVR to not start automatic. High fidelity just ignores hard that setting.

This setting seems to get ignored by more games or developers not want to spend time on it. while you find enough topics of people that have the same problems.

i think the problem is that high fidelity is calling steamVR library’s without checking if steamVR is really started. If it cannot be fixed the only solution is a seperare exe for the desktop that not call the stupid steamvr in dekyop mode and screwing your audio. In now tried it a few times by blocking access to vivesetup directory. and high fidelity works so much better when your building in desktop mode if it does not load steamvr and change your playback device. AND NOT RESTORE IT ON EXIT !

This is just so bad implemented by steam , htc , and software developers. Especially the part around default playback devices.


Never had issues restoring playback devices on exit as it always seems to get restored for me.

In anycase, the issue of the SteamVR starting up does seem widespread that it seems more of an issue with Steam. Big companies have issues with it. If there was a simple solution it would have been done by all of them and it wouldnt be such an issue. A separate exe would just add to maintenance overhead and more things to test. Instead Simplest shortcut flag to not initiate the plugin as here as most likely the acquireOpenVrSystem is the one that is starting up SteamVR.


Disable the option in steamvr developer so steamvr not get auto started. I

t created problems. I see quick the steamvr window start and then close. But then my default playback is already changed. and closing high fidelity not close steamvr automatic. While it id start.

Let’s go for a parameter option.


Is anyone else seeing strange ambient darkness in this release?
Seems the Ambient intensity is zero and wont respect the changes in the properties editor.
I can change the main light intensity but it doesnt change the ambient lighting.


Yes, I was actually working on my skybox at the time so I thought I had changed something corner areas got really dark until I moved the light angle… is the skybox texture affecting the lighting differently somehow?


I’m having trouble getting Faceshift working


Looks like you messed up your bone weights


If you have (not in front of interface right now so I may have precise name wrong) - Enable Sun Stage Model checked for zone then that would be why. A change to how zones work was made that made said option not work – a fix is supposedly coming but Sam thought none used it. I guess at least 2 or 3 of us did. :slight_smile:

Only solution until it is put back in operation is to disable sun stage model check box then tinker with settings to get a static light you like.


Thanks for the tip, it didnt work at first but then I put in an ambient URL (which it never needed before) and it worked.
Now I have to figure out how the ambient image influences the ambient shading.


Tablet is locked. Until you grab it.
When you grab the tablet and release the trigger the tablet disappear. Complete screwed !

PBR is again screwed and changed. If it’s the need of ambient URL then give a good one.

Stats screen still embedded into the tablet ! Move it out , or fix !.
I cannot read anything in the stats now. and the fields cannot be scaled wider.

Thanks for breaking the lightning, just something i can use right now.
No settings in the skybox work to correct th sun position.
Anybody have ambient url ?

ADD: really soemthing wrong still.
Deleted the skybox and reloaded the same one from marketplace and now the lightning is looking the same again. And the zone still not use ambient url.

Note to self: Do not update to new version.
This update where useless because tablet still not works so i cannot take the snapshot.

Other bad problem, my knee’s are now much more in < shape when i look down.

You cannot change the avatar while in HMD. i see the world normal on my desktop or other times the HMD screen. i can access the menu’s but the do not appear on the screen. Until you switch back to desktop mode. and do the whoile thing of open menu etc again.

This happens to easy because you not know when your in HMD or desktop mode. the HMD screen disappear with soem actions and not come back again.

And now i did open the tablet in HMD mode. and it where stuck on avatar settings. no way out of that.


just spotted all these other than the obvious compression of textures what do they do
how much are they compressing them
will they go blurred looking
what are the benefits?


Anybody have ambient url ?
i cheat and use the skybox url as one , seems to work


Anybody noticed that you can walk up a stair now ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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