Beta Release 43


Beta Release 43 includes up to Developer Release 6661. You will need to update in order to visit domains running this new version. This will be live within about an hour.

  • Added “print” feature to Snapshot - you can now print out the snapshots you take as items in High Fidelity.
  • Wooden mannequin avatar is now the default avatar for new High Fidelity users
  • Fix crash in EntityMotionState::handleDeactivation()
  • Move record script files to unpublishedScripts directory
  • Saved recording are officially g zipped and pose are played back to the standard endpoint
  • Changed the input recorder to store actions by strings
  • Teleport.js should still function on avatars with no feet.
  • Added head configuration for Vive Tracker
  • FileCache refactoring and test, plus KTX unit tests
  • Print the metaverse session ID to the debug log
  • Make sure that there is only one connection created for web events
  • Add UserActivity calls for bubble usage
  • Send a close event to API on shutdown
  • Make stopwatch buttons work properly
  • Add versioning support to the KTX cache
  • Add startup_sent_to user activity event
  • Fixes for some simulation ownership problems
  • Improve positioning of assets when added / imported
  • Update server-console to watch interface via pid rather than marker
  • Taking a snapshot from both tablet mode and using the Ctrl-S shortcut should automatically cause snapshot.wav to play
  • Fix icon for polylines in entities editor properties page
  • Implements landscape mode for tablet as rotation instead of stretching
  • Introduce a stencil mask pass in the rendering to optimize HMD
  • Fix generateBasisVectors() helper
  • Optimized NVTT library with fast gamma conversion
  • Migrate to single QML engine
  • Updated Windows build guide’s markdown
  • Protect _text member of Text3DOverlay with mute
  • On Oculus Rift on/off, switch automatically to/from desktop mode
  • Added CLI to Oven tool

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I delete the AppData folders, force crash, reset settings, and still am required to REINSTALL to get this to go away…

I’ve kept quiet assuming a hotfix was coming but I guess not.
Do please release something this weekend if possible, I’m able to login and access domains only ONCE, then upon closing Interface, I’m protocol locked until I do a full REINSTALL of Interface.

It refuses to acknowledge the build version after I close Interface; it reverts, which is really REALLY odd behavior.

Predator 17X

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