Beta Release 44


Beta Release 44 includes up to Developer Release 6702. No protocol change this time; you’ll be able to visit domains running this version of High Fidelity even if you’re using the previous release. This release should be live within one hour of the timestamp on this post.

  • We’ve added new primitive shapes: cylinder, 2D circle, and cone
  • New advanced avatar domain settings: Avatars Allowed From, and Replacement Avatar for disallowed avatars.
  • Reworked Particle Editor UI
  • Save category on Marketplace when using back button
  • Make the PAL’s tab background color white
  • Fix issue in which entities resize via hand controllers when they’re not supposed to
  • Relax hands to default position/rotation when controller tracking is lost
  • Spline IK target support
  • Fix head Vive Tracker broken eyes
  • Oven will now give proper return codes when used via CLI
  • Adjust the preview to avoid seeing the masked pixels in HMD mode
  • Position tablet relative to hand
  • Fix for no-audio on clean install
  • Set active button property isActive before Home menu redraw
  • Create helper functions for getting into avatar coordinate space
  • Update default avatar to baked mannequin
  • Attempt to resolve Tablet scripting interface deadlocks
  • Simplify eventBridge mechanism exposing functionality to web pages
  • Simple Render Engine refactors coming from the Spectator Cam project
  • Simplify fileOnUrl to only look for external textures right beside FBX
  • Fix bug in clearFramebuffer with Stencil Buffer
  • Add support for querying the desired output audio device for OpenVR
  • Start the device check timer after its setup.
  • Small rendering improvements based on spectator-camera changes
  • Use HMD roll angle to turn while flying or walking in HMD
  • Fix SharedNodePointer leak
  • Fix no audio device from previously removed audio device
  • Smoothly ease hands from uncontrolled to controlled positions
  • Fix deadlock crash


This sounds interesting.

This sounds terrible, need to try it. But i hope there’s option to revert back to old way A roll with hmd. thar sounds a good mix for more neck oroblems. Right now i would say, not like it.


Lights are deadddddddddddd


Tried it. NOT LIKE IT. You need to put your head now in strange angle to make a turn.
It makes you almost instant VR sick. Not a good functionality.

How to reverse to old functionality ? or add option for that asap.
This way to turn is so un logic for the brain. Your head is hanging in a strange postion and then you get a speedy turn. Bleeh, i used it two minutes and 3 turns and i feel sick. :nauseated_face: This is another downgrade.

I can play serious sam easy for 30-60 minutes and still not really sick. But this is record with hifi. The program that makes you sick in the shortest time.


Zone lighting seems fine, just fyi.

not inside zone

is inside zone

adding a Light Entity yields no visible result. :frowning:


:grimacing: The devs are working on a fix for this lighting issue. Should come as a hotfix Real Soon Now (as in, looks like it will be today, but I don’t have a time to give you just yet).



I guess someone forgot to pay the electric bill?


@Richardus.Raymaker Re turning with HMD roll: the old functionality is still there (walk/fly in the direction you’re looking). Turn-with-HMD roll is in addition to this; you don’t have to roll your head in order to turn.


Ok, but it feels it’s changed. you now seems to turn very slow or almost no turn if i do it the old way. That where with the other test. I still think soemthing is not the same.


Hotfix should be live in ~1 hour for:

  • Lighting issue
  • Crash on switching domains / import objects


Yaay! Lights are back. It’s a miracle, I can see again!


I tried it again. it works fine if you fly.
But after flying it works bad on the ground with turning.
It turn’s to slow when you walk and look left or right.
I cannot compare it with old version. It feels different.


is this a bug at the edge of the screen?


ANother bug

if i put on the rift then take it off the hud e4nds upo doubled to twice the number of buttons


This option is more bad then it already where. It need to turned off.

Walk sideways, looking up to my building top check things. and turn your head a bit.
It’s triggering this bad turn action when i do not want to turn. because i walk sideways and look around to check things.

So again, how can i turn ity off so it works like it need to work and how it always worked. But roll for turn. Nooo.

Use HMD roll angle to turn while flying or walking in HMD

ADD: And it keeps a fail. especially because it cannot be turned off. well nobody told me. What a disaster to use VR in high fidelity now. every movement you do with your head to look around your trigger that %$#^@&* hmd roll.

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