Beta Release 45


Beta Release 45 includes up to Developer Release 6767. There is a protocol change in this release, you will need to update to visit domains running this version. This release should be live within one hour of the timestamp on this post.

  • Fixed a bug where custom port wasn’t used in AC when passed through CLI
  • Remove /tutorial in favor of new repo
  • Revamp audio device selection
  • Fixed a bug where you could not print polaroids if you took a gif
  • Ensure desktop dialogs’ title bars are visible
  • Fix teleporting to another user from the PAL
  • Prevent deadlocks from different locking orders in FileCache
  • Fix tablet buttons qt59
  • Baked shortBow’s textures.
  • Domain server settings will now tell user if saving will restart DS
  • Move RenderArgs out of shared and into render
    • RenderArgs required bizarre amounts of forward declarations because the concept of rendering was baked into the OctreeRenderer class (see below).
  • Remove RenderArgs::_whiteTexture
    • This member was used in a few places to ‘reset’ a texture slot, but it was nowhere initialized, so it was always empty. Where it was previously referenced, we’re now explicitly setting the texture to nothing.
  • Remove QSharedPointer<OctreeRenderer> RenderArgs::_renderer; in favor of QSharedPointer RenderArgs::_renderData;`
    • The _renderer type was always cast to a QSharedPointer<EntityTreeRenderer> in places where it was used, so there’s no need to have this forward declaration anymore.
  • Remove the concept of rendering from octree entirely
    • The class OctreeRenderer has been renamed OctreeProcessor (for lack of a better idea)
    • Move the OctreeHeadlessViewer and EntityTreeHeadlessViewer out of octree and entities and into assignment-client
    • Remove OctreeRenderer::_viewFrustum. It was assigned in several places but never read, with clients using RenderArgs::_viewFrustum instead
    • Remove OctreeRenderer::render(). It was used in only one place, the LocalModelsOverlay but ultimately it traversed the octree but did nothing, because it called OctreeRenderer::renderElement which had a default empty implementation as was never overridden.
  • Remove the concept of rendering from entities almost entirely
    • Ultimately I had to leave an opaque type RenderableEntityInterface in the EntityItem class, because I could not get dynamic casting from EntityItem* to RenderableEntityInterface to work in entities-renderer
  • Remove LocalModelsOverlay and Application::_entityClipboard. As mentioned above, these ultimately performed no rendering and weren’t used for anything else.
  • Fixes performance issues related to KTX processing on the main thread during progressive loading.
  • Spectator Camera - Mergeable Rendering Components
  • Fixed a bug where range requests for small KTX files would always fail
  • Added a restart button to domain server settings page
  • Ignore remote update younger than recent ownership bid
  • Emphasize mute state with red
  • Implement parts of the JS “console” object
  • Fix import of JSON with parent-child relationships
  • Add “Play sample sound” to audio setting
  • Update chrome for the audio input level meter
  • Give audio menu mute checkbox its own row
  • Add a VU meter to the active mic selection
  • Fix crash when cache entry lifetime exceeds cache lifetime
  • Adding Profiling for script engine timer callback
  • Expose location scripting interface to Agent (AC script)
  • Bug Fixes for Eyeless Avatars
  • Add entity script for balloon spawner and sample json entity with us
  • Improvements to gracefulControls.js
  • Sort Running Scripts… list alphabetically
  • Fix skyboxes sometimes not showing
  • Event installer interface options
  • Ad broadcasting/replication to downstream avatar mixers and audio mixers
  • Hand pucks and Calibration UI
  • Make broadcasting settings advanced in DS settings
  • We have 2 new command-line switches: --avatarURL and --replaceAvatarURL
  • Have cmake find fbx library on Linux
  • Fix reload content for baked skyboxes
  • Adding support for loading obj.gz files in ModelCache.
  • Push AvatarData sequence number when managing identity data for agent
  • Use existing node ID during repeated connect requests
  • HRTF optimizations: Improve Audio-Mixer scalability on the latest Intel CPUs (Core i9 and Skylake-SP Xeon). The framework is added to detect and use AVX512 instructions
  • Installer allows /nSandboxIfNew command line switch
  • Added Support to Disabling flight from client side
  • ShortBow Improvements
  • Added confirmation to domain server webpage before restarting
  • Fixed a bug where restart modal was shown when it shouldn’t be
  • Add upstream nodes to NL and verify replicated packet sender
  • Add a /forceNoLaunch switch to the installer
  • Prevent replication flat loops
  • Check for codec changes for replicated agents
  • Fix the messages printed by domain-server about which name it’s using to find ice-servers
  • Log audio selections
  • Command line switch to override default scripts location
  • Trying to fix QtQml/QtScript crashes

[06/28 13:34:28] [CRITICAL] [hifi.scriptengine] [UncaughtException signalHandlerException] Error: Function.prototype.disconnect: failed to disconnect from TabletProxy::webEventReceived(QVariant) in file:///C:/Program Files/High Fidelity/scripts/system/snapshot.js:665
[06/28 13:34:28] [CRITICAL] [hifi.scriptengine] [Backtrace]
[06/28 13:34:28] [CRITICAL] [hifi.scriptengine]     onTabletScreenChanged(type = 'QML', url = 'Edit.qml') at file:///C:/Program Files/High Fidelity/scripts/system/snapshot.js:665

This is breaking the executions of JS anonymous functions within Entities such as the dance module script that runs on click…

(function () {  return { clickDownOnEntity: function() {  this.a=!this.a;if(this.a) MyAvatar.overrideAnimation("atp:/assets/animation/npc/walk_fwd.fbx", 34, true, 0, 64); else MyAvatar.restoreAnimation(); } };  })


No fix for the HMD roll ?
So you can disable that functionality that get triggered to easy with normal use.

Just look around in different angles at something can trigger it.


Actually @chris, this is a weird bug… So, I renamed the Asset Browser folder that was holding the animation and it couldn’t find it. Used the old name, and it found it. Maybe the map.json file needs to be re-ran or re-cached each folder update?


i worry about what u do in the privacy of your own domain


Science Judas. Anything for Science…


Nvidia problems do not upgrade driver to 384.76


This build unmutes me when i log in , which is really annoying


I asked whether that was an intended or unintended change, but got no answer. I prefer its previous method of; I mute mic, close interface and open again – mic is still muted, or reverse of that if you want.

I’m not a fan of any application starting with a hot mic, but have learned to live with that being the way of HF on a first run with no config present… but, I’m not a fan of it always opening with a hot mic.


yeah it should remain in the state i left it
i dont know about u but i tend to use hifi exclusivly sat on the toilet


LOLOL - well, I recall once, way back – probably over a year ago… I enter my domain and there’s this horrible noise. Turns out someone had fallen asleep in front of computer and was broadcasting their snoring – never knew if they had any idea they were sharing a nap or not as I finally just turned domain off for a while. I’ve also ran into my fair share of people cursing Interface and other running commentaries while having no idea they had a hot mic. Entertaining at times, but, considering privacy implications and general grumbles, not one of the best ideas for The Glorious Future.


If the want a default for mice. It’s a muted mic at login !
That sounds terrible @judas. Lucky i have because problems like this routed my microphone different. It avoid a few problems.

But not a suitable solution for most people.


Oh dear. I’m an IT tech. Creative long-winded obscenities is by far my most proficient computer language.

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