Beta Release 46


Beta Release 46 includes up to Developer Release 6801. You will need to update to this new version in order to visit domains that are running it. Should be seeing this go live in about one hour.

  • Made changes to return the action “snapshot_taken” and location.href whenever a user takes a snapshot.
  • Fix snapshot connection errors
  • Remove dependency between codec plugins and UI
  • Fix for eye direction when no look at targets are present.
  • Added script that will attach an entity to a Vive sensor
  • Eliminated toe wiggle while Vive Trackers are enabled.
  • MoCap wide stance fix for calibration
  • Fix toolbar button mouse click when they were added via the tablet scripting interface
  • EZRECORD app - makes it easier to record on the fly by adding the app to your Tablet
  • Pole vector support for elbow and knee joints
  • Fix loading of incorrect joint data for the avatar recording
  • Fix a bug that could cause a static variables in the input system to have a bad value
  • Fix static plugin initialization on Linux
  • Fix warnings about creating QObjects with parents in different thread
  • Integrate attachments into doppelganger mirror
  • Disable silence + ban buttons for replicated users
  • Fix toolbar button activation states
  • Adding trace profiling feature Script
  • Use QEventLoop and a timer for a less CPU using sleep + event-processing
  • Cleanup entity dependencies
  • Speeds up the azimuth/gain calculation by 4x and 2x, with negligible loss of precision (angular error < 0.0001 radians)
  • Update DomainMetadata.cpp
  • Fix projection & lighting issues identified with second rendering pipeline In Master

NOTE: We are still working on the NVIDIA driver issue mentioned below:
NVidia Driver 384.76 has issues that we are investigating

UPDATE: A hotfix is going in for the NVIDIA driver issue. You should see it go live by around 4:15pm PDT (July 5).


@Chris when is this audio fix going to come it’s a big crash and it is getting rather annoying muting yourself still ?


Yeah hates the mic being open by default
on a clean install have it open sure but, if i log off with it muted i want to log on with it muted, hell give me a option for that somwhere in the sound settings but it make me angry


Sometimes it feels nice knowing I’m not alone in my stance on things; other times, I’m wondering how you all manage to pull off spying on me?


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