Beta Release 47


Beta Release 47 includes up to Developer Release 6825. There is no protocol change; you will not have to update from the previous version of High Fidelity in order to visit domains running this release. The following should go live within an hour or so:

  • ‘God view’ app - view from above:
  • Make Leap Motion a plugin
  • Avatar Bookmarks now save Attachment Data and scale
  • Xylophone should work better now!
  • Tweaked the Snapshot ‘Share’ button to make its purpose more clear
  • Fixed avatar mixer sending empty avatar identities
  • Don’t use blocking connections on the main thread
  • Updated calibration UI visuals and added UserActivity events.
  • Don’t use a blocking connection for a high-frequency script function
  • Restored mutex in overlay interface
  • Fix ACClient on Linux
  • Additional threaded tracing of CPU cores
  • Allow Vive controllers and Trackers to be used in desktop mode
  • Fixed the keyboard not showing up for goto in HMD mode


This update made me lose all my attachments. What’s up with that?

And why doesn’t mic mute persist when you log out and in again?

At least say what the reasoning is behind the changes.


If the settings file get overridden attachment data will always get lost.

Fortunately you can now use the new version of the Avatar bookmarks which keeps a separate file for Avatar attachments which shouldnt ever be affected by deleting the user settings (as long as the Avatar bookmarks.json isn’t removed)


Go to settings at the top then go to audio you notice some people might crash maybe this is a priority ?

I agree with you Twa This audio thing is ridiculous you need to explain what’s happening you’ve had time
Do you remember we had the same issue talking about open microphone in the past by default and you reversed it remember

at least you should be able to ticking a box to say you don’t want to do this in setup /settings


Are you must try this out you actually see your legs flying up in the sky before it settles lol
I would recommend the camera view instead

Maybe a little more testing for the future :wink: this needs a lot more work

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