Beta Release 48


Beta Release 48 includes up to Developer Release 6863. You will need to update to this version in order to visit any domains running it. You’ll see this go live in approximately an hour (could be less).

Spectator Camera

We’ve added a spectator camera app! Grab Spectator from the High Fidelity Marketplace and give it a whirl. It’s especially useful for recording video and livestreaming in VR. The app will only appear on your tablet when you’re in HMD mode.

Also in this release:

  • Introducing the custom shape pipeline & apply to Polyvox and Particle system entities (technical details here)
  • Ensure admins see PAL admin column
  • Set admin status even if QML can’t find user in PAL
  • Disable user activity logger in DS/AC/ac-client
  • Edited describe-settings.json and DomainServerSettingsManager.cpp so that Adding a Path does not require a server restart.
  • Updates to the Calibration UI for Vive Trackers
  • Fix for OAuth OPTIONS firing every XHR 302
  • Can now use chest, hips, shoulder & feet Vive Trackers in desktop mode.
  • Fixed log spamming from windowRoot.qml in toolbar mode
  • Fix crash in ObjectMotionState::handleEasyChanges()
  • Fix for FBX baking with external textures
  • Clean up and remove menu hotkeys
  • Made the output audio listview dynamically change height base on content size
  • Fix for invisible avatars after radius ignore
  • Fix script performance when rendering load is too high
  • Faster getters on avatar for scripts
  • Introducing the Stages to the render::Scene, Better scene update phase and getting away from the singleton model
  • Don’t think during mouse move
  • Fix for invisible avatars after radius ignore
  • Add signal for avatar skeleton changing
  • Put result of Avatar::getJointNames back in index-order
  • Don’t add missing replicated node from kill packet
  • Create a Laser Pointer app
  • Change AudioDevices.cpp
  • Misc servers debug asserts fixes
  • Cleanup OctreeSendThread::packetDistributor()
  • Audio injector smart pointers
  • Fix Audio Mixer crash
  • Fix AC crash (buffer overflow)
  • Fix two deadlock crashes

No hot Keys. No ctrl b. WTF!

Lol the removal of mirror mode does kinda kill the ability to take selfies that’s a brave move but fortune favours the brave
But back of my head selfies could be the next big thing lol who knows
If the spectator cam worked in desk top mode and could take snaps
Meh maybe remove desk top mode completely
Would stop people using hifi better than this drip by drip removal of usability

Re this learned at the meeting that mirrors aren’t that far off which kinda solves the selfie thing once it arrives


Changing between hud menu items i want to cllick along the list and each one to open and the previous one to close automatically , Currently i have to manually close each before i can open the next


with this release i am getting red arrows that flash on entities when i cam around (desktop mode). anyone know what those are? They don’t stay on the screen, but i caught them panning and hitting print screen:


Interface won’t launch anymore after working initially post update.


It seems that we need to shutdown the localhost sandbox if we were in it at our last session. Otherwise Interface is indeed not able to start.


Yep, just figuring this out… also reset my modem seemed to work this time.



Looks like you have Developer->Physics->Highlight Simulation Ownership checked


Brain Stormer, thanks that was it


We are seeing things differently from eachother
i built this door way that clears my head
but other people dont see that they see my head 2 tall to go through
thats gotta be a bug


You got a virtual Ames Room, Judas!

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