Beta Release 49


** HOTFIX 49.1 update. Fix to HMD and overlay crashes. **
** HOTFIX 49.2 update. Fix to HMD crash and edit white screen on HMD. **
** HOTFIX 49.3 update. Fix to crash on double tap of stylus. **

Beta Release 49 includes up to Developer Release 6915. No protocol change in this one, so you will be able to visit domains running the latest release without updating yourself. This release should be live within about an hour.

Without further ado, the notes:

  • Update to using Qt 5.9.1 and Visual Studio 2017.
  • Add a “Dominant Hand” setting
  • Added option in the installer for a clean install
  • Tablet stuff:
    ** Trying new, more comfortable tablet spawn position.
    ** Allow the tablet to be closed when a modal dialog is open.
    ** Fix tablet scripting interface setting its internal state to home when switching between toolbar and tablet mode
    ** Fixed another instance of the tablet getting stuck on the help screen
    ** You can now properly grab and move the tablet in third person
  • fix create tab load on OS X
  • Avoid crash in soft-attachment code
  • String pass on Chat.js
  • Implement Create button disabled state (details below).
  • Add a scale slider for avatar size
  • Prioritize file:// requests over http://
  • Smooth IK when trackers are disabled / enabled.
  • HoverOverlayInterface skeleton
  • Record total number of ATP/HTTP/File bytes downloaded during session
  • Faster EntityItem lookup by EntityItemID
  • Allow user move the cursor with the mouse for the add model URL textbox
  • Create/Destroy Hover Overlays using hand controller lasers
  • Fix Avatar/Audio Mixer crash
  • Fixed not being able to delete avatar entities when switching domains
  • Use timer instead of dedicated thread to tick AC scripted avatar audio
  • AC shutdown info + PPID watcher on Unix
  • Fixed not being able to load a script url that has a white space
  • Trying to resolve QML / Audio deadlocks
  • Get marketplaceID into imported entities
  • Camera control app
  • Fix broken debug build
  • Do not show lasers when editing in 2D mode.
  • Fix potential data corruption in the FileCache
  • Fix noise reduction checkbox not always working
  • Add vertex color support for OBJ files.
  • Update
  • Fix debug builds startup crash
  • Address #21402 Added a handler to Sit.js script for the onLoadComplete
  • Save JS “Console…” history across sessions
  • Change default mouse speeds for avatar
  • Fix for audio deadlock & audio device selection
  • Fix Parent Joint in edit js
  • entitySelectionTool: use multiarg findRayIntersection instead of editOverlay.
  • Fixed bug: Disconnected domain (no access token present) is unnecessarily hitting /api/v1/user/friends

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