Beta Release 50


Beta Release 50 includes up to Developer Release 6961, and does not include a protocol change. You will not need to update from the last version in order to visit domains running it. Should be live within an hour!

The nitty gritty:

  • Add point and thumb up gestures to the HTC Vive
    ** When the thumb is off the touchpad, trigger the :+1: animation.
    ** When the thumb is resting on the touchpad and most of the way forward, trigger the :point_right: animation.
  • MIDI support for Entities
    **Entities can receive incoming MIDI notes from any device, and can send notes to all devices. USB plug/unplug is detected so that the system can re-adjust live. Device names are available and can be used to ignore specific input or output devices.
  • Fix Camera behavior in Mirror mode
    **You should now be able to CTRL+F for first person mode, CTRL+G for third person mode, and CTRL+H for mirror mode in both HMD and desktop
  • Reduce erroneous messages about username signature decryption
  • Fix bug where skybox doesn’t load and physics takes a long time to engage
  • Added additional collision types to asset browser and new model dialog
  • Allow lights/particles to be dragged by icon
  • Use Qt menu hotkeys to drive camera-mode changes
  • Added a page in installer for express/custom installation
  • Setting that lets you switch from cursor to reticle
  • Update EntityItem bounding cube when on changed dimensions
  • Prevent deadlocks from Overlays update logic
  • Enable multiple selection and deletion in Asset Browser
  • Fix tablet button crash
  • Add a “dominant hand changed” signal
  • Fix overlay event handling thread issues
  • Fix log warnings from non-notifiable properties
  • Fix web touch emulation
  • Fix Landscape mode, when menu pushed in Create mode
  • Fixed Particle Editor Update event
  • Fix bugs preventing avatar from walking on spherical planet
  • Make Xylophone mallets equippable, make the mallets provide haptic feedback
  • Lock the script engine in EntityEditPacketSender
  • Fix for crash when attempting to teleport while avatar was loading
  • Fix blank tablet when switching between HMD and Desktop mode quickly
  • Audio mic bar show only rectangle on mouse over
  • Update WASAPI plugin
  • Fix chat bubble length
  • Correct collision shapes now created for cylinders, boxes, and spheres


Awaiting fix graphics


picture shows unnatural thumb placement

there’s something wrong with this animation this is the controls are even on the pointing

Add point and thumb up gestures to the HTC Vive
Totally broken This needs more work think You need to think about how things work in real life
the animation is screwed up

Also you need to enable disable on this
sometimes people don’t keep their thumbs on the pad as well see constant keeping peoples thumbs up is not a good idea pointing as well when you’re walking

With anybody wants to revert is the link

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