Beta Release 51


Beta Release 51 includes up to Developer Release 6961. There is a protocol change in this release, so you will need to update to this version in order to visit domains running it.

  • Fade dissolve effect when avatars interact with edges of Bubble -
  • Add doppleganger “move-as-you-move” roomscale functionality
  • Create Mode turns to Portrait when Reopening tablet
  • Bug fix for HMD roll causing avatar yaw when standing still
  • Camera mode on startup is now determined by user settings and HMD status
  • Support for running Interface without a microphone
  • Enables users to drag any zip folder into Interface, where it will be automatically unzipped and added to the Asset Browser. If the zip folder contains a .obj or .fbx, the model will be auto-added to world
  • Update the Chat.js to indicate when a message is too long
  • Fix opened running scripts
  • Possible fix for “screeching noise” after audio input device changes
  • Added Vive Trackers as an input channel and added new puck-attach script
  • Improved support for Vive Trackers on biceps
  • Fix for potential crash in JS console
  • Fixed typo leads to lost touch or mouse release events
  • Fixed a crash on exit
  • Crash fixes for avatars without Hips, and web overlays
  • Fix crash in Context Overlays code
  • Cleanup top menu on menu re instantiation
  • Updates from Threaded Rendering project
  • Capitalize “ENTER VR”
  • Change “Desktop” App to Say “Exit VR”
  • Remove snap to item. Add caching for scrolling speedup
  • Fixed this issue of the spinner not displaying in create mode
  • Fixed bugs related to express installer
  • Implement a Parenting Tool
  • Don’t always do precision picking inside mouseMoveEvent
  • Fix marketplaces message passing. If a message isn’t JSON (like when clicking “All Markets”), it can’t be parsed and will throw an error. This has been fixed
  • Stop compiling tbb from source and use vc14 version for VS 2015/2017
  • Disable the ability for a user to edit default scripts if developer settings is not enabled
  • Clear entity tree in Agent if ES node goes away
  • Balance and inventory stubs
  • Re-enable sixense and update comment
  • Cancel effects of --replaceAvatarURL when avatar is changed with preference dialog
  • Renames “Interface” app to be “High Fidelity Interface”


I hope you can disable this fading totally ruins the realism so every time somebody comes in They do this silly fade all loading wwhere do you switch this thing off totally destroys it it’s like I live in the computer game now


I love this new feature, so much cooler & easier to understand than the confusing shrinking thing.

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