Beta Release 53 - Includes up to Developer Release 7053

  • Reduce laser pointer lag
  • Emoji Tablet App
  • Render non-AA overlays correctly
  • Adopt cloneable settings to new styling
  • Asynchronous Ledger Interactions with Server
  • Switch off snap behavior
  • Fix crashes caused by deleting argv while in use
    Interface sometimes crashes at startup because the extended argv[] is deleted while still in use.
  • Change emitShouldTrail to emitterShouldTrail.
  • Address bug #21448 “Correctly Size Bounding Boxes for Polylines”
  • Always write rank ID to variant when present
  • Fix for ‘C1128: number of sections exceeded object file format limit’
  • Allow asynchronous editing of non-QML overlays
  • Go-To menu shows up blank except for address bar
  • Use a registry to prevent use after free crashes/corruption
  • Bug fix for deadlock between EntitySimulation and EntityItem locks.
  • add sender sock addr check to DS packet filter operator
  • EntityTreeRender uses RayPick API with precision picking
  • Fix Image3DOverlays with fractional alpha




Compiles on gcc version 7.2.0 too. Nice.

Though Interface and at least one of the servers is crashing with:
QObject::startTimer: Timers cannot have negative intervals

I will recompile with gcc 6 tonight and see what happens.

NOTE: This isn’t necessarily a bug issue - I don’t actually expect gcc7 to work at this stage, but I like to try it out periodically.


@Judas: My washing machine has a sock sender function - I am just not sure where it sends them!

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