Beta Release 57


Beta Release 57 includes up to Developer Release 7288. It includes a protocol change, so you will need to update to this version in order to visit domains running it. You should see this go live within ~1hr.

New Apps

  • Shapes: A new VR app released to the Marketplace in beta. Shapes lets you add and edit objects with ease.

Notable Changes

Technical Issue Fixes

  • Create Mode: Focused keyboard element always scrolls at the vertical center of available area.
  • Interface crash during Debug fixed.
  • Fix: Importing entities (.json) through Create mode imports only one entity.
  • Desktop grabbing (grab.js) is disabled in HMD mode.
  • Fixed adding entities by reverting code which contained incomplete rezCertified implementation
  • Fixing grabbing and tablet bugs
  • Server only deletes an entity if it’s still the child of an avatar, not if it has ever been
  • Head offset for Oculus fixed when avatar size is changed and arms scale with avatar size.
  • Support animation of model overlays
  • Entity-server uses differential Octree traversal and priority-queued EntityItems
  • Fix getting stuck in T-Pose when a user switches avatars.
  • Fix ModelOverlay visible change: The tablet should not get stuck in “private screen” when a user turns it off.
  • Fix for offset of animated parts of oculus touch controller display
  • Remove mouse area for text fields. use activeFocusOnPress property instead
  • Watchdog can now be disabled using an environment variable for developers who are debugging.
  • Asset Browser tweaks for baking: baking pending count visible, multiple selection available, information box on baking available.
  • Reload button in Running Scripts dialog now restarts the script instead of stopping it.
  • HUD Module: Check if the laser is pointing at UI element without moving the reticle first
  • Tweak debug stats for more clarity
  • Added workaround to enable menu bar under Linux
  • Bug fix for deadlock
  • Fix hudOverlayPointer logic: Hud module should not run in HMD mode.
  • Fix calling AvatarManager.findRayIntersection() from script
  • Login dialog rework in VR (HMD) mode.
  • Updating placeholder.js to use a url that points to example scripts
  • Expose performance hot spot in stats details
  • Moving Camera update and render frame to Game Loop (Main thread)
  • Update macOS build guide
  • Add removal of temporary files in FBXBaker
  • Fix alignment of “Choose input device” text under “Audio” in the tablet UI
  • Fix and improve laser pointer locking
  • Fix microphone audio distortion on the Mac
  • Fix mouse disappearing when switching to desktop mode from HMD
  • Improve log file naming
  • Fix rendering transform for text3d overlays
  • Make building tools (besides ‘scribe’) optional
  • Fix DQT_CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH being overwritten
  • Add script that tests setting your listening position and orientation
  • Move Shapes app files from scripts directory to marketplace directory
  • Fixed typo in qWarning message
  • Fixed looping sample sound bug
  • Fix: Enabling avatar physics faster and finding nearby entities at login
  • Add uploading to asset server event
  • Fix an error in the Asset Browser
  • Under the hood support for HDR cube maps
  • Far grabbing of non-dynamic entities enabled
  • Move HUD and HUD overlay rendering out of display plugin
  • Create App button grayed out in domains with no edit permissions.
  • GeometryCache implementation changed to make better use of theBufferView API.
  • Allow project to be built with clang on Linux
  • Remove unnecessary blocking call in Overlays
  • Remove unused HFMetaEvents
  • Fix the HDR generation of cube maps from equirect images (1x2)
  • Keyboard Input Field: Pressing Space should Clear Field in the Marketplace app.
  • Allows importing and exporting of avatar entities and correctly maps avatar-as-parent
  • Crash/Deadlock fix: Web3DOverlay could be destroyed on wrong thread.

New Docs

Last Updated for Beta Release 57

Other Doc Updates


Good to see some Linux love!


Known issue: JS baker in the asset server has a bug, and there’s a hotfix in the works for it. In the meantime, you can disable baking on JS and all should be well. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Isn’t baking js same as minify? :slight_smile:


Anyone else having problems with this release when clicking on things? I fall through the floor now.

Also, things are set grab-able that were never set to grab-able before.



Sorry to hear that… Where is it happening?


On my domains or anywhere I have edit rights, I think.


What kinds of things are you clicking on to cause it? Desktop or hand controllers? Can you PM me with a location where we can try?

Thanks for the help!


Twa_Hinkle – does it happen if you set the ground to non-grabbable or lock it?


These are things that were never set to grabbaable and new stuff that I set to have collision when I bring them in.


But are they currently grabbable and unlocked? Previously, only dynamic things could be far or mouse grabbed. This is no longer true. I’m wondering if you are “mouse grabbing” what you’re standing on.


It is very odd. I am checking old builds I have here and some stuff has now become grabbable while other stuff is not.


Is it possible that you now set everything to grabbable if it is unlocked even if it has never been grabbable before? I would check more but I’ve already messed up some stuff.

After checking through the lists of objects, this seems to be the case. Anything that was not locked has now become grabbable. That means a place like Earth, because much of it was placed before grabbable was even an option here, will now be grabbable.

If you are not going to fix this, please let me know. I never bothered to check the grab status of old stuff here because most of my places are set to allow only a few people to edit stuff and it never was a problem before now.

I’ve always used click drag to control my camera here and never had problems. Since this update I’ve messed up some of my stuff just by panning and zooming.


We definitely didn’t intentionally do that.

The old code… things that were “grabbable: true” – could not be “far” grabbed or mouse grabbed if they were not also dynamic… that was a bug. That’s the bug we fixed.

Things that were grabbable: false should not be impacted by this change.


Nothing has changed about who can edit stuff… and note… “editing” is not actually an enforced thing… only “rezing” and the ability to “change locks”… so if something wasn’t locked… anyone could have edited it (assuming you aren’t using other advanced features like filters)… nothing has changed about that.


When you say “click drag to control my camera” I assume you mean right click and drag? correct? that will not engage the “mouse grab” feature that Seth and I are referring to.


Maybe you can grab your models.json.gz backup from yesterday and send it to us to inspect… We definitely want to get to the bottom of this… we didn’t (intentionally) make everything grabbable… and I’m not seeing that behavior in other domains.

We are here to help!


And no, not your editor. I’ve found it lacking in basic usability. I’ve always used CtrlAltDavid’s inspect.js or a modified version of it for camera control.Up until today there has never been a problem. Alt left clicking on unlocked models and entities never made them move or caused the physics to stop.


hmmm - so maybe this is some issue specific to the custom scripts you’re running… can you send us your models.json.gz as well as a list of the scripts you’re running?


OK, I have one old domain that has not been upgraded yet. I will revert back to last version and check out things. Then save the json.gz, scripts etc. and then upgrade it and check again. Unfortunately this may take me awhile so probably no response from me until tomorrow.