Beta Release 58


Beta Release 58 includes up to Developer Release 7376. There is a protocol change, so you will need to update in order to visit domains running this version. We should be live in ~1hr.


  • Domain Settings tweaks + Domain Setup Wizard
  • Added haze component to the zone entity.
  • Fix issue where Stylus in Tablet + Grab with Hand resulting in the other Stylus being dysfunctional
  • Fix typo in tablet avatar browser
  • Fix tablet intersection bug and start of Pointer migration work (WIP)
  • Tablet extended sounds
  • Add onHover Outline to Tablet “X” Button
  • Change tablet model’s screen
  • Fixed bug with ignoring other users in the People menu
  • Only respond to expected ICE peers in DS
  • Expose the Render API to the tablet js context and update render engine tool
  • Sample sound in audio menu is shorter and plays immediately
  • Avatar attachment window updates when attachments are modified
  • Add very short haptic feedback when highlighting letters on keyboard
  • Remove href property for non-owned avatar entities
  • First step round of improvements to UI interaction
  • Bug fix to improve rendering of metallic materials
  • Changed stopwatch source
  • Audio Menu Sample Sound plays even if a domain is loading
  • Fix script reload icon not working in developer builds
  • Reduced haze background blend range to 27,000 metres.
  • Make non-dynamic entities collisionless during far-grab
  • Fix setting DPI in edit.js
  • Fixed mouse cursor not disappearing when switching between HMD and Desktop view while in Create
  • Fix ray pick in cases where origin is inside of outer bounding box
  • Fix keyboard related crash when adding url for model entities in Create.
  • Fix incorrect collision shape sharing for some ModelEntityItem configurations
  • Fix backwards HUD in mirror mode
  • Cleaned up the entities versioning info from PacketHeaders.h
  • Changed blend range from 32,000 m to 30,000m
  • Implement callEntityClientMethod so that server side entity scripts can easily call methods in client side entity scripts.
  • Bug fix: Shadows cast by top zone key light
  • Billboard orientation and grabber move up tool are now dependent on the Avatar referential.
  • Fix for shape size flickering
  • Update Line3DOverlay renderTransform if end changes
  • Improve upon Skybox Changer (Updated)
  • Fix Mouse Pointer Depth is Incorrect in HMD Mode
  • Improve upon Skybox Changer
  • Implement support for Entities.callEntityServerMethod()
  • Add sound cues to create app
  • Sound cues for GoTo interface
  • Fix Image3DOverlay isFacingAvatar
  • Crash on loading older domains that have zones without the haze Component.
  • Fix the rendering of wireframe for model entities with bad model URLs
  • Faster renderables update
  • Fix baking bug with single-part FBX + multiple materials
  • Actually fix toolbar from completely dispersing
  • Ignore unbakeable textures in FBXBaker
  • Fixed toolbar disappearing after reloading default scripts
  • IPD Secondary Task List: bubble.js Scale
  • Handle camera-relative controller joints for other avatars
  • Add some Quat and Uuid JavaScript helper properties
  • controllerDispatcher is creating log spam with web entities
  • Package all UI resources into a QRC built into the application.
  • Remove “common questions” button
  • Fix importing entities from URL
  • Support for custom functionality for specific QML URLs
  • Fix web3Doverlays and webEntities keyboard not showing up
  • Scale LaserPointer end overlay
  • Additional cleanup of audio noise gate
  • Reduce present traffic on main thread event queue.
  • HDR cube map equirectangular bug fix
  • Fix loud screeching sound when some users join a domain
  • Fix to shutdown debug window on reload scripts
  • Keyboard Input Field: Reveals Passwords
  • Fixing the zone entity not rendered properly when created
  • Update default avatar to be better with Oculus grab triggers
  • Add limit to file size imported into asset server
  • Include release message to controller modules
  • Preload Shapes app asset files so that they’re in disk cache ready for use
  • Fix KTX requests thrashing if a mip level can’t be assigned
  • HUD module intersects with dev stats window

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For Beta Release 58:



(Tablet extended sounds) how to turn off their buttons sounds go into C:\Program Files\High Fidelity\resources\sounds then delete or move them into different folder reset program


Building from that developer release checkpoint (ie: RELEASE-7376 git tag) yields an incompatible protocol version. :confused:

People probably want to be using Developer Release 7404 (RELEASE-7404).

I recommend anybody building from source find useful release tags by visiting and looking for the small gray text below the blue download button – where it says Beta NNNN, that’s the NNNN you generally need to checkout if wanting to be on par with the official builds.


Many things have turned blue for me with this update.


That’s an old bug for me therefore doesn’t matter to anyone lol


Hi Twa_Hinkle,

Can you please verify if this setting is left on Physics > Draw Collision Meshes?
We suspect it could be collision meshes. Thanks!


All the spot lights are now all pointing at 90 degree from where it was before that build.
I don’t know what was the objective… maybe to have them pointing down by default… but the fix has affected all the existing ones.


On my little windows machine, when i stop the server thing to update the assignments keep on running preventing me updating.
i either have to kill them all manually
or disable hifi starting with the pc and reboot to install it


yesh the new update is turning on collision meshes for me 2
but my blue chair atp problem remains ^


Yes, you are correct, I had left show collision meshes on earlier. I did not think of that because they used to be outlined in orange before.

I guess now only non exact collision meshes are shown, which explains why many things are not blue.

So, oops don’t mind me.


Please confirm if this is a bug or if we need to fix it on our domain.
(I would like to avoid to do this 2 time)


@Alezia.Kurdis - We’ve got someone working on reproducing this. We’ll be in touch with findings…


Hi Alezia,

This is cursory test I did to see if I could get a similar behavior.

Procedure I used:

  1. Installed version 7360
  2. Created a point light and a spot light and rotated the pitch to 90 and the rest of the fields to 0 for both
  3. Installed version 7404

Here is what I found with screenshots:

7360 - Point Light

7360 - Spot Light

7404 - Point light

7404 - Spot light

Though I didn’t see a 90 degree change, there does look to be some change in the roll section from 0.0000 to -0.0025, which may be a small bug in itself. I noticed going back to 7360 that the rotation stayed the same.

One question is that I want to clarify if you are talking about zone key lights or spotlight entities. That may have had an effect if it is a zone key light depending on how the zone is rotated. Do you have any suggestions on additional steps to take to reproduce this to closer match your conditions?

Has anyone else noticed this with their domain?


Here what I get on my domain after this build update:

This spotlight has been created and adjusted the day before the update.
It was pointing directly down.
As you can see on that screenshot, is it now pointing on the side (we can see the light cone on the ceiling)

These spotlights were all pointing to the floor, except 3 that were oriented to the center to the dance floor.

Now nothing is pointing to the center. they are now pointing in different directions.
They have been installed 2 months ago.
They are all locked.
(But an AC script update their color only. Script running and unchanged for months)

Here 3 spotlights (not scripted and locked)
they were pointing to the center of the room lighting the statue.
As you can see they seem to light to the wall and even outside.

Installed 4 months ago.

This one is more evident…
it was pointing down, under the lantern model.

This is locked, and an AC script is updating it only to make it visible or not.
(Script unchanged, and running correctly for months)

Finally… this is what I get if, with this build, I create a light, and check the spotlight option to true.
No rotation has been done.
It lights clearly at the opposite of the orange wire frame that is supposed to indicate where is the light cone.

Here other tests with this current build… nothing seems consistent… they have not been rotated, just rez from different orientations of my avatar:

You can see that these 2 light cones don’t have the same orientation according to their respective wire frame container.
It’s like if there was a miscalculation of the light angle. Looks like a bug.
(At sight, the red looks like 120 deg from the front, when the green looks like 240 from the front… there is nothing coherent in that.)

=> The rendering of the light is the problem, it doesn’t follow the object orientations.


Thanks for the shadow that is now correctly aligned with the keylight…

Thanks for the haze component, it will enrich a lot the scenes.


I was able to reproduce some of what you were talking about so thank you for helping bring it up.

The rendering team looks like they tracked down the issue and should be fixed by RC59.
If there are any further updates regarding that, I’ll post here!


RC59 is is most likely going to revert back to the behavior RC57 most likely, but we are trying to think through the exact approach right now. @Alezia.Kurdis, if it’s possible to not touch these lights until then, that would be appreciated, not sure how much it is getting in the way of your domain currently.

We will also try to get you a specific PR to test out soon as well.


That’s what I had concluded.
Thanks for the confirmation.


Hi Judas,

what is your blur chair atp problem?


On my windows atp 2 chairs randomly turned blue see photo I linked too
It’s not collision volumes
The domain is shop

Think it happened the previous RC @divia