Beta Release 58


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Text entities are completely broken in this release, nothing show at all, blank panel.

This completely breaks much of my system, I have several systems depending on these text panels.

Hope it can be fixed.



A fix has been merged for this issue. It will be out in RC 60. Thanks!



Hi Adrian,

Iā€™m looking into your past post on Text entities unreabable in 7279

but I want to get some more info on text Entities being completely broken for you.

Is this still happening for you in RC59 - 7474?

If so, can you provide some steps to reproduce?


No we now have an improvement, 7474 renders the text now but it is back to being unreadable at short distance same as my first post on this issue:

Steps to reproduce: Create a text entity, increase line size to about 0.16, increase entity size to about 2m, move back about 15 meters. Compare to a similar size text on an image textured object at the same distance.
Thanks for your efforts.


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