Beta Release 59


Beta Release 59 includes up to Developer Release 7426. There is a protocol change, so you will need to update in order to visit domains running this version. We should be live in ~1hr.


  • Audio codec updated for all platforms
  • Fixed bugs in Avatar Attachment dialog
  • Removed hack for missing inttypes.h header on VS2010
  • Fix when Exiting or entering VR after sitting in a chair then standing character remains in sitting position
  • Fixed logging in with HMD results in black world
  • Lag with tablet and some attachments when moving around fixed
  • Create -> Model allows setting dynamic and ‘Exact - All Polygons’, resulting in silent fail fixed
  • Fix: HMD friendly Script log option can spawn multiple times
  • Fix: Overlay display issue when editing entities
  • Fix: Sufficiently large entities fail to make it to the entity server
  • Removed Keylight attenuation from .js (as well as .html).
  • Fix: Floor not loading
  • Fix: Able to See Second User’s Location Data
  • Desktop mode: Audio can be heard while bubble is on both users with one avatar’s size is at 7 or greater fixed
  • Fix: Anyone can delete someone’s avatar entity with Entities.deleteEntity(ID)
  • Fix: “BLAST TO CONNECTIONS” button overlaid on top of the GIF does not appear
  • Fix: Haze rendering problems in black stenciled areas
  • Changed UI for Haze from an input field to a slider
  • Resolved issues with far-grabbing: you can now far-grab groups of objects and your
  • Fix: laser hits where you aimed, not in the center of the entity
  • Adjusted the way Bubble works when avatar rescales
  • Windows (HMD Only): Avatar Sinks into Floor When Jumping in Mirror Mode fixed
  • Added support for non-English names of audio devices in audio menu
  • Fixed issue where Avatar’s size does not save when changing domains
  • Disabled Mirror Mode in HMD since it makes people sick. Stay tuned for our upcoming
    awesome in-world mirror!
  • Fixed bug where changing avatars while sitting breaks or locks animations

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For Beta Release 59:


any idea why the digital ocean servers aren’t updating?


Hi @rocklin_guy,

The updates on the cloud server are not automatic and they are manual. This is because you could be hosting an event and we wouldn’t want to update your server in the middle of your event. To update your cloud server, go to
Click on Cloud Domains.
Click on the yellow highlighted dots on the right side of the row and click on Update High Fidelity.

Good luck, let me know if you have issue!


That is what I’m referencing. The yellow dot update does not work. *edited, see below


Hi there

So yes, we did find an issue with that update. We have fixed that issue. Please retry again and let me know if your still running into problems.


New sliders for “Haze: Glare Angle” and “Haze:Background Blend”…
This is very nice to have a slider, but frankly, if we can see and set the value directly this is a bit too much inaccurate… (to not say useless).


Spotlights are still broken… Wasn’t it supposed to be rollbacked in the 59?

If some new people use them on their domain like they are now… They might complain when you will fix it because it will be perceived as broken by them.


You can stand in somones bubble and reload the userlist to see them again


Thanks Judas, I will investigate on this


Does anyone think that little pok pok noise on the menus adds anything? ie it went pok it must be selected?


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