Beta Release 60


In addition to Commerce entering private beta, the following bits and bobs are coming to you in Beta Release 60, which includes up to Developer Release 7493. This release contains a protocol change, so you will need to update in order to visit domains running it. We should be live in ~40 minutes!

  • Fix: stylus interaction glitches
  • Fixed an issue that caused local entities to disappear for others after a while.
  • Fixed a parenting issue where movement stops if an entity is parented while in motion
  • Quickly switching domain can result in domain not loading
  • Fixed inconsistency in seeing avatar entities
  • Tablet home button highlight size incorrect when you change avatar scale
  • Reflection in mirror should work when avatar is close to mirror
  • Added a collapse button on the tablet keyboard
  • fixed the use of tablet in 3rd person view in VR
  • Fixed issue of not being able to bring up Hifi Log
  • Fixed minor bug where the keyboard would not dismiss after hitting enter
  • Fixed a scripting issue where My.Avatar.getEyeHeight() always returned the same value
  • Fixed an issue with the Display menu where it was possible for no option to be selected.
  • Fixed issue with the Enter key opening the wrong window in Desktop mode.
  • The Info overlay on marketplace items now looks correct even when the avatar is large or small.
  • Lasers appear at the correct size when the avatar is scaled up or down.
  • Notifications appear at the correct size even when the avatar is scaled up or down.
  • Added ability to turn up or down all avatar volume
  • Improved the interaction of laser pointers and stylus with the tablet to be faster and more responsive.
  • Fix for lighting being rotated by 90 degrees.
  • Fixed assets not reloading after network disconnect
  • Fixes the issue where sometimes assignment clients don’t get killed after quitting the domain server.

Documentation Updates


what is going on with free items wide do you need wallet right now ? this doesn’t sound like a good idea with this is what’s intended

How are you post to get new users to use this items with a don’t want to buy anything

let me clarify when you’re trying to get total open source items
you have put a barrier in the way

We’re not talking about just people who are giving stuff for free


new build avalable if you find you are suddenly unable to connect :smiley:


I m pretty unsure but it s look like that this Version let shoutdown my Vive Basis.
I have reboot my PC and it s work short, after the first teleport the Basis shoutdown again.

Other apps like Blocks or Doom play as well.

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Hi Sbin,

Can you send us the relevant interface log around the time the teleport and shutdown happened?


Thanks for the spotlights, it’s back to normal.
I also run deeper testing, that seems all good.



Hello I have just reproduce my crash with the Vive
I hope that you can figure out the relevant interface log data and that it s help.
Between 3.00 AM - 3.10 AM (15.00 - 15.10) I have start , teleport and crash
may more clear: Crash vive Basis after teleport ~18:04:00


Hi Sbin. Did you send the bugsplat report after the crash? If so would you mind PMing me the email or description you wrote in the box? I will look for your report.


update 2:
seams that was my personaly vive base prob. on the usb 3.0 I can plug the vive now again too.
since I have swap my vive Basis from the usb 3.0 to the 2.0 Port let HiFi my Vive Basis not more crash.
I don t know why i got no problems with other apps the last days.
Anyway I can use my HMD now again-)

Hello, yes I have grab the logs after the vive Basis crash.

Just I see the vive base crash also when I let run the Interface in the Desktop Modus also-(


The $5 Digital Ocean asset server is still crashing, not baking, etc…


I see that Shapes is not more listed in the Tablet (VR Modus)
In the Desktop Modus I see in the HUD Shapes and can open it.


@Sbin Thanks very much for reporting the problem of the Shapes app’s icon not displaying in the tablet. It happens for me, too. I’ve submitted a bug report on this.


look in the mirror you will see avatars face


The Shapes app on the Marketplace has been updated and works properly again.


few people had machine gun crash situation the other day
so teleporting into zaru and crashing, logging back in still in zaru and crashing repeat
a nice easy tp to somwhere empty option would allow people to avoid that, without requiring a ton of explination

oh and i want the mirror on the tablet


Wow look at every thing I missed do to no Internet.


I called it “explosion of crashes” but

defines it even better!!

A TP option would have been awesome :heart_eyes:

And now I’m just curious:
Did this happen to more people than just poor me?
What were the reasons?


@XaosPrincess Thinks u should speak to @Menithal about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Not my fault opening the wallet seemed to cause crashes for some people >_>. (The script interface is getting removed now)

I saw this happen to some people just opening their wallets in AvatarIsland over the weekend trying to load marketplace items.

But it was my fault for screwing up self removal part the script that opened the wallet as soon as you loaded it. I seriously thought it would have successfully removed self after I had done the trick but I had made a grave error in the code causing the clean up to fail. And not notice the signs of the script still being active and cause of crashes for some.

In anycase after that incident it think they have enforced their security nicely for entities :wink: and I submitted a couple of dozen new fogbugz tickets over the weekend.

@XaosPrincess will you be around later today? I want see if we can nail down a crash report for HiFi to get a fix for it.