Beta Release 60


I‘m gonna be at the @maker meetup this evening :slight_smile:

So was this just a „leftover“ of one of your cool tricks @Menithal?
Or has my key-messup also been part of the problem?

Now a question to everyone:
Has anyone by any chance recorded the meeting?
And could put this online? :purple_heart:
I‘d really be interested in hearing what‘s all been discussed there :money_mouth_face:


I wasn’t saying it was your fault only that I blame you :slight_smile:


Yeah, basically i left my toys laying around and people stepped on them with bare feet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol and back when I was placing over sized models over the side of the sandbox back when it only had the hanger .
That was not as bad?
In a way I do miss how simple things was and how we was all working on new things every day.
Now I see by the posts you all have groups now and a pay for market system.
You all have come so very far.


As soon as I updated the sandbox running on the server, I got tons of “assignment-client.exe has stopped working”. Is anyone having the same issue?

Btw, I can still visit the domain and seems to run smoothly.

From assignment-client log I read this:
[12/12 04:04:17] [FATAL] [default] [3796] [assignment-client] QMetaType::registerType: Binary compatibility break – Size mismatch for type ‘PickRay’ [1051]. Previously registered size 32, now registering size 24.

I found the solution in the subthread about the broken audio mixer.


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