Beta Release 61


Beta Release 61 includes up to Developer Release 7548. This release also contains a protocol change; you will need in order to update High Fidelity to visit domains running this version.

Bunch of fixes for you:

  • Login screen now displays properly in the tablet.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the on-hover effect of the tablet X button.
  • Fixed an issue where the tablet keyboard appears and disappears in the Create menu.
  • Fixes tablet “x” button triggering on mouse click.
  • Laser scrolling on tablet has been improved.
  • Tablet works faster while a domain is still loading.
  • Fixed scrollbar on certain Tablet pages while in VR mode.
  • Added a scroll bar for Marketplace categories for cases where the tablet is too small to see all the categories.
  • Fixed an issue where the laser didn’t hit the X button on the tablet properly.
  • “Edit mode” is now referred to as “Create mode”.
  • Fixed an issue where equippable items don’t always equip when reeled in by far grab.
  • Fixed physics issue where grabbing dynamic parent/child entities and bringing them close to the avatar sends you flying.
  • Fixed issue where editing in the attachments window scrolled the screen to the top.
  • Made it easier to scale the avatar up and down with hand gestures.
  • Domain owners can set an objective height limit on avatars, rather than a scale limit.
  • Fixed issue where avatar attachment parameters don’t scroll.
  • Adjusted flying in HMD to be more comfortable and prevent veering off course.
  • Improved joystick navigation for gamepad.
  • Minor bugfix for keyboard focus when using the Go To app.
  • Improved HMD scrolling on certain screens.
  • Fixed issue with security picture becoming gray sometimes.
  • Multiple outlines and highlight features are exposed to Interface via the selection js API.
  • Fixes problem where users having many connections experience a UI lockup when accessing the Connections tab in the People app.
  • In the Wallet, onTextField Focus and virtual keyboard collapse bug fixed.
  • A major crash causing deadlocks has been fixed.
  • Improved loading performance when entering Avatar Island.

No notable documentation updates for this release.


Everybody seems choppy when they walk


When will the update be online on steam? Still have v60 :slight_smile:



Just checked in on that - looks like it’ll be coming shortly. Thanks for saying something!

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