Beta Release 62 - Entity Animation Bug


Entity animations don’t change after dynamic ‘animationURL’ re-mapping. Re-mapping does occur (noted inside the properties of ‘create tool’) but the animation itself doesn’t update. Nothing changed about the code so I thought about manually toggle the ‘Animation playing’ checkbox to see if that would fix it.

Seems you broke something. Is this a known issue? I’m on animation 2500 of 7,111 and now I have to roll-back the server and my client. Typically I blame myself; but this code has been functioning fine up until the new version update. Not cool guys. Can you fix it? Calling it a showstopper is the closest word I can think of because I can’t view the animations in-world without it. It effectively makes an in-world animation viewer useless. :frowning:

shown: animation 2500 playing but 2504 SHOULD be playing

rollback complete (version 7607) animation 2504 NOW plays


I’m not sure I understand. Could you set up a small example that demonstrates the problem?


Yes. Where do I set this up? Can add you to the server where I can demonstrate the problem? I’ll be offline from 7 EST to 8 EST and will be able to work on this around 08:30 is that workable?


To others: This has been identified as a bug and will be fixed in the next release. (That’s what I was told)