Beta Release 62


Beta Release 62 includes up to Developer Release 7646. This release has a protocol change, so you will need to update in order to visit domains running this version. Should be live in ~1hr. Here’s what’s new:


  • To make the Tablet easier to use, we removed the stylus (still available in Settings). Now, when your hand is pointed at the tablet you get a laser in your dominant hand.
  • Tablet apps now scroll as pages. Swipe left and right to see your apps.
  • Clothing purchased from the Marketplace will scale with you when your avatar scales. Avatar entities scale with the avatar.
  • Google Poly API is now usable in High Fidelity!

Other bits

  • Reduced communication/server load in handshakes.
  • Fixed issue where unsupported audio formats make a loud static sound.
  • Fixed issue where pressing “x” to make a connection does not work when capslock is on.
  • Fixed a crash when using the AnimSkeleton::getNumJoints() API.
  • Fixed issue where animation property changes are not applying to animated fbxs.
  • Fixed issue where user can get stuck in handshake mode.
  • Fixed issue with avatar entities (such as those generated by the clap app) that caused all
  • other avatar entities, such as clothing, not to appear to other users.
  • Tablet will be resized correctly to small avatars.
  • Solved issue where using High Fidelity enabled the webcam.
  • Scrolling will now work on the edges of the tablet home screen.
  • Fixed bug with certain tablet screens not opening in VR mode.
  • Fixed bug where thrown objects rotated incorrectly using the oculus touch controllers.
  • When using the Vive Trackers, you should see fewer glitches caused by jiggling.
  • We now send Controller data in the status event of the Midi class to connect Launchpad MIDI control events.
  • Fixed getting teleported in front of a user when clicking their username in the people app (nearby tab).
  • Fixed the issue with the tablet close button appearing black.
  • Fixed issue with teleport entities changing rendered color in default sandbox content set.
  • Crash on start up with i5 AMD card is fixed.

New Docs

Updated Docs


Some of my stuff looks worse with this new release. Things that have an alpha channel texture in zones with haze enabled look all white now.

In some other hifi hosted domains, things look ok. What’s up with this?


I like the new laser instead the stylus very much. It’s a huge improvement and makes the tablet much more useful! Also swipe to right/left. Great!


We’ll have a hotfix up for this soon!


I don’t know what the heck is going on with the tablet you probably should have got rid of the stylists not the finger

that’s what tablets all about is touch
and kept the laser as an option in vr


A hotfix has been released for the issue that was messing up colors on transparent objects in zones with haze.


7710 doesn’t seem to have fixed my issue with the transparent objects in zones with haze. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi @Twa_Hinkle,

Are you still having issues with this? If you want to message me the object in question, I can see if I can repro this and we can go from there.

Is anyone else still having this issue after the hotfix?

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