Beta Release 63


Hello, everyone! It is time for another High Fidelity release. Beta Release 63 includes up to Developer Release 7741. There is a protocol change, so you will need to update in order to visit domains running this version. You should see this go live within about an hour, if not earlier.

Of note:

  • New Commerce feature: If you’ve set up your wallet and have positive HFC balance, you can now send HFC to an existing connection (people you have shaken hands before), or somebody nearby (people near you in the same domain). Read more here!
  • New Emote app lets you choose various responses to emote.
  • Log filters now available
  • Changes in Zone entity properties now include inherited properties and an on and off feature. More here.

And also:

  • Fixed issue where grabbable objects stop colliding with avatars after being near grabbed, far grabbed, or clicked with the mouse
  • Fixed an issue where downloaded tablet apps get sorted above the default apps
  • Fixed an issue when the avatar is in 3rd person and it glitches
  • Fixed issue of the asset browser window not appearing in HMD
  • Fixed issue where the avatars head would look odd to others when going in and out of HMD
  • Expanded MIDI support to include sending channel, velocity, status, and note data and other related MIDI helper functions. Currently Windows only.
  • Improvement in the avatar’s appearance when they twist their wrists or raise their arms
  • Make zones, lights and particles not grabbable by default in edit.js
  • Bug fix on snapshot social sharing
  • Adding spacial audio cue upon rezzing purchased items
  • Fixed bubble icon activation bug and limited bubble audio play rate
  • Fixed bubble icon activation bug and limited bubble audio play rate
  • updated preview disabled image in the case of privacy protection
  • Updated gold Proof of Provenance image

Known Issue

  • Those with an i5 + AMD system are experiencing crashes with this build. We know about it and are working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience! We’ll let you know when an update is available.

New Documentation

Updated Documentation

don’t seem to exist


Am told they should be up momentarily…

ETA: They are up. Thanks for the note. :slight_smile:



very strange .


Hotfix release, 63.1 - Removing an unnecessary folder and an unused checkbox in theCustom option of the installer. Should be coming to you within a couple of hours. Thanks for your patience.


Synced Videos this website acquires you to login nice to know it’s there but really not a solution


Something is wrong with the Ambient Light, unless it is the Key Light, or some changes related to the specular color.
Some night scene looks now too bright.
Some metallic surfaces are now reflecting too much.

(I still don’t know what it is… But I’ll try to figure in the next days.)

Another thing I notice, I found the Sky url copied in the Ambient URL. Is there any kind of copy of that url somewhere in your new code ?
Because I can’t have put that URL there my-self since I push it to be null via an ACscript.

Would have been a good opportunity to fix the Ambient when this is ON and the Url not specified… it doesn’t consider the Skybox color when it fallback to the Skybox setup.
The sky color is the resultant of (Skybox URL + Skybox Color), then the Ambient must follow the same rule in that specific case.

The “OFF” on the Ambient Light is a very weird option. I wonder who will use that.

That said, thanks giving us that level of control on each component of the zone. It definitely a plus value


I can’t start it from steam anymore. de- and installed it again, still not running. The installer version from HF domain works. - steam works again

Not sure it’s related to this update, or something else in the background has changed. I can’t rez some entities from ‘my items’ tab in the marketplace (in particular all of the tulips - btw, the bricks structure is still broken for some weeks now). If I try to rez the tulips, they pop-up for a millisecond, while a sound is playing, and disappear instantly. Bought tulips from the marketplace works.


btw Log Filters were already in 62! You guys are late :smiley:

Also, isnt this build also have the metallicity (fresnel) and roughness PBR Update @sam and zvork the folks been working on? CC: @Alezia.Kurdis, this effects the metallicness allowing you to have a range of metallicity to an object, similar to unity. Like

@Skimi have you tried relogging after the reinstall? sounds like an “ownership” thingy.


Something with the avatars shoulders looks strange. Looks they are a bit above since this update. I have not changed my avatar, btw.


I noticed that too…
it’s like on steroid.

I considered one second to add a stash to my avatar …


About the shoulders, we have switched over to a new avatar skinning technique which uses dual-quaternion blending. In practice this should help improve avatar wrist pinching and the rubber hose effect as elbows and knees are bent at large angles.

It does have the side effect of making some joints more pronounced, such as shoulders, knees and elbows. Both Blender and Maya have support for this kind of blending, so if you are very concerned about this you can visualize this in the modeling package and adjust the vertex weighting or the mesh itself.


Blender that can’t open an fbx without breaking the rigging…

But I will probably opt to deal with the shoulders as it is now (maybe by compensate in Fuse)
since it seems to indeed working better.


Hotfix Release 63.2 - Resolves a crash occurring on systems with AMD video cards. This is the Known Issue mentioned in the initial release notes. The fix should be live in 30 minutes or so.


Yes, actually it looks ugly for me. I understand the improvements with the bones - but I have no clue how to fix that with blender. It’s a bit frustrating for me. After I got these avatar working with some help, (I remember about the ugly black eye-lashes, shinging of the eye-balls, etc.) you guys made it even harder :roll_eyes:


I agree… It breaks the Fuse - Mixamo flow…
(The only decent one we had…)

Blender is not viable.
and Maya… seriously… if this is to be the only option for something… It would be over for me.

If I recap… in Hifi right now…
I have to create the material only base on what I visualized in my brain.
For avatar:
I have now to compensate in Fuse, still visualizing with my brain, to predict the shape.
Then I have to avoid Blender. So I have to remove the eyelashes manually (by editing a converted fbx in ASCII.)
Then I have to replug the map connectors to get the alpha on the Diffuse map (still manually)
Then I have also to fix manually the Materiel to not have any additional glitch on the edge of the alpha…
Ah, and I have to fix most of the texture in photoshop to get the expected rendering.
And have also to manually collect the Gloss map (because the Package Model don’t do it when the fbx has non-embedded textures)

That’s quite simple. If I can… I suppose everyone can do this…

Oh… if you are interested… here’s the diagram of the .fbx format that I created to understand how to those thing manually. (In case it become popular.)


Websearching around for a bit more info on dual-quaternion blending. The video that accompanied the original thesis on the technique made me laugh a bit at the end:


Thinks this is preserve volume in blender


So…money gets easier, and avatars get more complicated. Makes sense to me.


Havent tried it yet but it should be the 1 check button in blender. What it does is stop elbows and wrists and such getting squished when they bend. Its a good thing