Beta Release 64


Beta Release 64 includes up to Developer Release 7818. There is a protocol change, and you will need to update to this version in order to visit domains running it.

New Features

  • You can now save your whole outfit (avatar + wearables) in Avatar Entity Bookmarks
  • Avatar entity wearables will now not obstruct the user’s view
  • The enter key now closes the go-to menu as well as opening it up
  • Normal map support on translucent objects
  • Additional “pitch” property to allow pitch shifting an audio effect
  • Allow model entity joints to be changed from scripts
  • A redesign of the Inspection Certificates for clarity and visual appeal. Also adds “Purchase Price” to the cert
  • When you pay someone nearby there is a particle effect that goes from you to the person you paid. This appears if you click “Show Effect” on the Send Money screen.


  • Fix for certain avatars seeing their own eyeballs when moving
  • Fixed a Parenting loop crash
  • Fixed an issue where an empty tablet would show up during checkout in avatar island
  • Fixed an issue where downloaded tablet apps get sorted above the default app
  • Fixed issue where if an entity has child entities it could not be deleted in the Create menu
  • Fixed issue where multiple tablet buttons became highlighted when tablet page scrolled


Thanx so much for this!! :purple_heart: :eyes: :sunglasses:


Weird alpha bug at solace

see those squares of snow fighting with glass when u move ur heed


I like the new normal map support on translucent objects


transparent seems to stop displaying its textures as i get near it


Hi @Judas, can agree this, happens for me too.


Yes, it happens to me too. Sometimes translucent textures become opaque and I have also seen them become transparent and completely disappear.

For me I think it started with the version that changed the metallic map to a gradient instead of a binary mask, At least that is when I first noticed it.


I like that bug with link tablet lol .
Can you say it was intended to be that way.


I see that bug some time back and was thinking it’s just me.


Knows things will be fixed but if noone mentions it maybe no one knows
imagine if isaac newton never invented gravity we would be all still floating around and stuff


Maybe I am wrong, but - if a translucend object support normal maps, does it also support the scaling of a normal map on an entity?

I tried to make a water surface in blender. but it looks, it only stretch the normal 1 to 1 over the surface of the entity and ignore the scaling size it gets from blender.


Workaround I found for this:
Add a diffuse map (I put a completely white color map… )
It seems that the normal follow the scale set for the diffuse map.
(could be a bug, I’m not very sure… It could feel like a copy paste issue when it has been coded. The problem could be in the export to fbx of Blender too.)


:champagne: Thanks for z-testing the ‘loading content’ bar - so much more comfortable! :doughnut:

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