Beta Release 65


Beta Release 65 includes up to Developer Release 7911, and has a protocol change. You will need to update to this version in order to visit domains running it. Here are the details:

New Stuff

  • You can now bring a 2D image into world as a 3D “poster” object via the Create menu.
  • When you rotate a zone, you can now see the outlines.
  • Added: new handles in Create mode that are similar to industry standard 3D modeling tool paradigms.
  • Domain server settings are now split into content settings (settings associated with content) and server settings (settings associated with your Sandbox or cloud server). You will find content settings under Content tab and Server settings under settings tab. Please note: No functionality has been removed with this change.
  • Added functionality to download, upload and create content archives from Content tab. Each archive will include models.json file, assets in ATP, and content settings. More info here.

  • You can now download and upload server settings archives from the Settings tab to allow easy transfer of settings across different servers.
  • Ability to add a material entity in world.
  • Ability to certify avatars, apps and content sets.
  • During the last stage of Wallet setup, you will see new instructions on how to get HFC. You’ll also get info on generating another private-public key pair when original pair is lost, or the passphrase has been forgotten.
  • HRTF improvements that render near-field effects, occurring when an audio source is closer than 1m from your head. More technical detail for your reading pleasure here and here. Have someone whisper close to you, and let us know how it sounds to you!

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes around the color picker in Create mode in VR
  • Mac: Minor graphical errors in client resolved
  • Logging into the wallet app now correctly logs the user into High Fidelity.
  • HMD now correctly tracks the head of an avatar in T-pose
  • Fixed issue causing avatar models to scale disproportionately.
  • Fixed defect affecting the usability of the people app.
  • Fixed bug causing reversion to an older avatar on crashing
  • Fixed bug affecting hair offset and scale.
  • Fix for not being able to delete zones which have entity children.
  • Fix for Create mode property tab UI oddities.
  • Fix for behavior in the x,y,z fields of Create menu properties tab.
  • Additional support for Google Poly materials
  • User does not collide with objects when editing, so that editing does not cause the user to be pushed around.
  • Toggle for audio meter now highlights correctly.
  • Wallet / send money UI and inspection certificate design fixes

Known Issue

  • When in “Away” mode, you can still see your avatar–normally it should be invisible to you, and seen as kneeling to others.

Changes to location of entity server data file (models.json.gz)

Pulls out the trumpets and fireworks, thank you thank you thank you.


Beta Release 65 also includes a ‘super secret’ new audio feature. To find out what it is, have someone whisper in your ear…


There is a bug with light entities and the new 3D widget. Over half the time when creating a new light, the little lightrbulb icon does not show up, and it is impossible to move it or select any other entity. You have to press Create again to make edit mode work again, but then you still can’t select the light entity. Nothing happens when you click it. I had to dig through the entity list to remove it.

Right after creating a new Light entity:

Another bug related to the bounding box: Clicking on a model entity with a large bounding box - like a building - makes it impossible to then select any entity that is within its bounding box. Here I clicked the large teacup - and now I can’t click any of the smaller props, like that white box. If I try, it just re-selects the teacup. It becomes trapped in that selection.

Regardless, thank you so much for the new 3D handles. It will make building in High Fidelity so, so much easier.


Yes the new 3d handles will be great when they work right, at the moment there are several bugs and it needs extensive testing. The up/down arrow doesnt behave at all well, the arrows dont highlite reliably, sometimes they disappear. At perpendicular angles it always grabs the rotate ring instead of the arrow.
The arrows are currently local axes only, it would be nice if they could toggle between local and global (add to wish list). But I appreciate them being added in any case.


Also, it’s not possible to select a other item, when it’s close to the selected before. And I can’t find the green ‘dublicator’ box anymore, or do we have a hotkey for dublication now?


This has now been added to the release notes under New Stuff, with links to further reading. But really, please go try it and let us know how it sounds!


Handle issues have been surfaced to the dev team. Thanks for the feedback!


Quick question for you! Can you confirm if you have the Advanced & Developer menus enabled that you have ‘Show Lights and Particle Systems in Create Mode’ checked? If that’s off, then that would explain the light behavior. If it’s on, then that’s definitely a bug we’ll look into.


The ‘Alt’ key + click and drag should duplicate now!


It would be better if the “Shift” key + click and drag duplicated the entity rather than the “Alt” key. Using the “Alt” key conflicts with using the inspect.js script (e.g., per


My Digital Ocean HiFi cloud domain does not seem to be updating to the latest version.

I click on update and it says updating and then after the wait, back to running. But when I try to go there, it says it is running version 7885 and says will not connect because of protocol mismatch.

I have tried this a few times now and even restarted it but never works. Anyone else seeing this?


I checked in, and the devs are working on a fix for this. Until the fix goes live, you can message @b for a manual update if you’d like. I’ve also added this to our Known Issues section in the OP. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hard crash no bug splat - steps to reproduce:

  1. Buy a marketplace item.
  2. Rez that markeplace item.
  3. Left-click and HOLD on the item
  4. While held, spin your avatar with WASD keys until you crash

shouldn’t take long.


Question from the dev team. By Left-click and hold, do you mean:

a) Left click on the REZ button and don’t lift up, and then start spinning with A key?
b) Click on Rez button and the left click on the box with the item title, which contains the Rez button, and don’t lefit up, and then start spinning with the A key?
c) Left click on the item in world, and don’t let up while you simultaneously start spinning with the A key? If this, what item are you clicking?
d) Something else?

Different answers mean escalation to different teams. :smiley:

Also, you wouldn’t be seeing splat prompts for crashes; there’s been a switch to a different crash tracking widget.


I can’t find that menu option anywhere in the Developer menu.

But I CAN see the lightbulb particle if I toggle Create mode on/off after creating the light. So I’m pretty sure that menu option is not the issue.

This is the same issue I mentioned above - entities can not be selected if they are within the bounding box of the currently selected entity.


This is nice, but is anyone can just explain what it is?
I’m probably lacking of imagination here… It ask for the url of what exactly? (any file format?) And what can I expect to do with that?


Here is a giff grab of the issue I refer to, I drag my mouse up and down the screen but the object has a mind of its own.


Regarding “Material” entities: I can’t see any pages in the online Docs but here’s some info on it:

This is generated from a recent PR off a recent version of master, so there may be some differences between what’s documented in these pages with what happens in the current release version.


Thank you. This is already more clear.