Beta Release 67


Beta Release 67 is rolling out. With it comes a protocol change, which means that you will need to update to this version in order to visit domains running it. Here’s what’s in the release:

New Features

  • Temporal Anti Aliasing has been turned on. This feature helps to reduce jitter, and smooths out what you are seeing.
  • Added slide shows to High Fidelity installer.
  • The Home button in Go To takes you to the serverless tutorial by default. As before, you can change this button to bookmark other domains.
  • Implemented highlighting for grabbable and equippable entities
  • Tablet usability improvements
  • Updates to the developer API documentation to make API reference documents pull directly from the code base
  • Experimental support for desktop equipping of entities
  • Updates to keyboard layout, new shortcuts and improved mouse input speeds. Remapping script available here. Current layout:

Bug Fixes

  • We have removed LOD notifications. In the future we plan to notify users via the tablet.
  • Various bug fixes on Snap app.
  • Fixed various gifting and wallet bugs and seek laser behavior on certified items
  • Fixed bug which caused audioscope to fail to appear
  • Fixed bug which caused the asset browser to become unresponsive
  • Minor bug fixes for first time user experience content


Things seem to blur when you walk now is that intended doesn’t look right in desktop
This is starting to hurt my eyes now

this looks like an Anti Aliasing problem
you can see they get very slightly blurred


Likes the sideshow instaler thing
i dont seem to beable to cam around in mirror mode anymore, used that for selfies


What input are you using? I can pan around in mirror mode with my RMB which was intended.

Shortcut is 2, RMB to scroll horizontally.


i can do horizontally but i use to be able to look up and down and use shift and the arrow keys to go around and zoom in and out

sorta stuff


Shaders broken as well


picked up gun and hovered my mouse over it and crashed you can see it goes off-white
not letting people disabling highlighting is a very bad idea

this is not a good thing please sort this out


Wow, nice 'stache!

We’ve updated mirror mode so you can scroll out with the mousewheel, and then pan around with RMB.


Please, for the love of all that is good, disable TAA when VR mode is active. The resolution is low enough to make things blurry all on it’s own, thank you.

On a positive note, I noticed that the interface now detects a Windows MR HMD! Thanks for that small step, and get thumbsticks on the controllers working properly!


Howdy - I would like to report that full-body motion with Vive trackers is no longer working in this release. Hand controllers and HMD register motion, but when going to Controller Settings and enabling Feet, Hips or Chest trackers and then calibrating, the calibration processes never completes. Canceling or retrying causes the same issue. Restart of HifI and SteamVR does not seem to improve the issue. I have also noticed the default Vive HMD for head and Vive Controllers for hands are disabled by default in the same settings panel.



Muting an avatar also disables their movement completely in this release. A muted avatar simply becomes frozen in place.



I have encountered a problem with this release with the goto script when on domains that are not connected.

If I am on a non connected domain that shares an IP address with a different domain:

When I click on the goto button, or press Ctrl L, the goto menu / tablet/ page starts to load but then disappears. It starts to load but then right when it finishes it closes.

Is anyone else seeing this? If I did not have bookmarks, I would be stuck.


Mabye me, because i did read it first.
But turning seems so much more smooth now.
I never like to use AA. So mabye now it’s turned of it make things better for me.


The “need to be updated” button appears always, even the update was done.


I’m rolling back my sandbox with this hot fix doesn’t work


Hotfix release 67.1 incoming:

  • Fixed an issue which caused Vive pucks to lose tracking
  • Fixed issue which caused procedural shader producing invalid numerical values in color

Thanks for the reports, everyone. Keep 'em coming!


I do agree, things are blury at 3 feeth whit it. TAA makes sense only with very high resolution, othewise it’s a degradation. Might be good in VR with the next VR techology, but not the current one.


Hmm for me it s smooth in all better with TAA also in the HMD and I run on lower cpu/gpu


It’s mainly visible on the name tags. How is it for you?