Beta Release 68


Beta Release 68 is coming your way shortly! It includes a protocol change, so as usual you will need to update to this version in order to visit domains running it. And now, the details:

New Features

  • We have a new in-world landing spot for new High Fidelity users, a cool space cafe with color guns, sparkle launchers, and more. You can check it out at TheSpot. Our friendly Greeter staff will now be hanging out in Help. A new tutorial directs people to TheSpot, and cleans up a few problems users reported at some of the tutorial stations.
  • We are updating the Steam installer to be client-only. More on that over here.
  • We’ve launched an alpha version of the High Fidelity mobile app. :tada:
  • Faster Texture Transfer - we made some improvements to the way the texture was getting transferred to GPU. In testing, this helped improve loading time on domains significantly.
  • A developer function to enable sideloading .app.json Apps from local disk
  • The Cloneable property in the Create menu now works with no rez-rights! As a domain owner, when you set an item to Cloneable your guests will be able to grab clones of these items even without rez permissions in your domain. We hope this will enable you to create fun and interactive content while keeping your domain safe. We also made some technical changes: Cloneable items no longer require userdata to be set, and we fixed an issue with clone limits.
  • Reorganized Menu Layouts
    ** Help is now its own menu! It includes links to forums, documentation, controls, about, support contact and other things you might hope to find in a “Help” menu.
    ** “Advanced Settings” is removed, and the items that were associated with that have been integrated into their respective menus. Most items were simply removed from this condition and are either on by default or have been curated.
    ** Advanced movement for hand controllers" has been moved into a “VR Movement” category under Settings > Controls.
    ** Flying and jumping functionality has been removed from the Advanced movement setting, and placed into its own setting. This is in the same place as advanced movement, under Settings > Controls.
    ** Control settings from Settings > General moved into Settings > Controls
  • Avatar scripts: Avatar authors now have the ability to add interface scripts directly to their avatar FBX files. When someone then wears that avatar, any associated avatar scripts will run automatically. When they change avatars, the avatar script will be automatically terminated. We believe that this feature will open huge possibilities for innovation and self-expression for High Fidelity content creators.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in the Snapshot save folder
  • Fixed various gifting bugs
  • Fixed wallet, Marketplace item upgrade, and certified content set bugs
  • Fixed several minor bugs in the Create menu
  • Crash fixes in QML and deadlocks
  • Fixed a bug that caused avatars to be invisible sometimes
  • Fixed login via Steam on High Fidelity website

Spectator Camera v2.2 - 360 photos, selfies, and more!

Build number is 8413 for those who are about to ask.


Beta Release 68.1 is a small hotfix to repair a common crash in the Avatar. There is no protocol change, so you will still be able to visit domains before they update.


Did the gltf fix go in yet to work with substance, if so it dosent work

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