Beta Release 69 - Control > Calibration Settings Issue


Hello -

In Beta Release 69, under Settings > Controls > Calibration, when I attempt to activate shoulder trackers, then enter the arm circumference and shoulder width values, I can not enter values in HMD.

When I point the laser at the field, it activates, but no keyboard appears, and the value widgets are not clickable.The issue happens in desktop mode as well, but I can at least click in the fields and change the values. The value widgets also do not work in desktop mode. The values are also not saved on exit, and my Vive shows up as “Unidentified HMD” Configuration for “head”. I have not noticed this in previous builds.

I have cleared all settings, and the issue comes back every time I restart Interface or attempt to run another calibration.

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FYI - this issue is still in Beta 70

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I would like to ad that in Beta 70.1, this issue is actually worse.

When I attempt to calibrate when using the Shoulders option (5 trackers) and set the arm circumference/shoulder width so the avatar deforms properly, not only can I not click in the fields to adjust them in VR, I have to restart Interface because the controllers pointer/laser is stuck - there is a continuous clicking like you are holding down the trigger on the Vive wand. I have to go into Desktop mode, then back into VR mode, then go to the calibration page and using my physical keyboard (with my HMD on) type the numbers in by touch - and this takes 4 or 5 attempts before I can get it to catch. Exceptionally frustrating :unamused:

If there is anything I can test or provide more feedback to someone, I would be glad to - this really affects the way I use HiFi and makes it impossible to change avatars on the fly and re-calibrate - either when testing new avatars or just for fun.

Thank you