Beta Release 70


Beta Release 70 will be available within a few hours. There is, as usual, a protocol change which means you will need to update in order to visit domains running this version. Here are the details:

New Features

  • Avatar App - new application in the tablet consolidates all avatar capabilities into one place. Create bookmarks, manage avatar settings, resize your avatar, adjust wearables and change your display name all from one convenient app. As part of this, resizing the avatar via gesture has been removed.
  • Windowed Edit Feature - the Create menu now opens the Entity List and Entity Property menus as separate windows which can be dragged out of the main High Fidelity Window. Their positions will also be saved when you close and reopen the Create menu or go in and out of VR. We hope this will give creators more space to work. Let us know what you think!
  • You can now use “t” to toggle between global and local rotation in Create mode
  • Ability to determine which mesh part you are picking against, in addition to which submesh
  • Enable touch interaction on web entities on Android

Bug Fixes

  • Lots of bugs in the Particle editor have been fixed. We also fixed issues with particle properties not being saved properly when exported and imported. More info here.
  • Fix for handshake particle effect
  • Minor wallet information display fix (long user name overlaps, backup instruction path, etc.)
  • Fixed a very strange issue in Create where sometimes you accidentally resize an object to huge dimensions and get pushed very far away
  • Fixed an issue where Create menu reloads too often when an entity is deleted, making it appear that it’s flashing. List also does not scroll to the top automatically when an entity is deleted
  • Fixed bugs in the Grid in Create mode
  • Fixed some minor bugs in Create mode edit handles
  • Lots of Mac bug fixes, including crash and rendering fixes
  • Fix the texture rendering problems with light’s texture
  • Fix to make avatars falling through floors less likely upon first entering a new domain


I am just trying out some of the new stuff in this update. Some things are better so far but:

  1. How do you go from the Entity List to Entity Properties if you have closed the Properties window without having to start all over again?

  2. Why is the create mode and entity selection still active when the entity list and properties windows are closed?

Some the new features are steps forward. Maybe all are and I just don’t understand how to use them?


Avatar App:
How are we managing the Attachments? It seem I’m only able to deal with wearables (from the market)
Maybe the Avatar menu have been removed a bit too prematurally?

If I select a Bookmark with attachment, then I try to make a new avatar, the attachments are stuck there and I can’t remove them.

The list with icons (4 per row) is not very useful unless if we can set the pictures. (is it the plan ? those picture would be saved where? I wonder how it could be portable on different device… )

I don’t know for you, but in my case, I have many outfit variation of my avatar and I tend to use a lot more than 14 characters to describe what it is . (Same thing for the effective avatar section.)

Not everyone has: Homer, Bart, Marge…
it can be also: Black jean- Long Boots-Gloves, Miniskirt-Heels-thanktop, Miniskirt-boots-redshirt, Black Jeans-heel-blue shirt… (3 pages like that)

The ordering in the bookmark list is changing. (it seems to put them in order of date of usage)
This is definitely not helping, It’s more easy if the list stay predictable. Mainly true when you have a minimum of information to remember what it is. If you need to guess, you might fell in a serious game of guessing if the order change at each try.

Maybe have a list, one element per row. (with the icon if you want… which can easily leave 2 lines for the caption.

This is however a good idea to have this Avatar app.
Good for the new comer, It’s easy to find.

Display Name… Is it necessary to have it on front page? Could be in the setting part maybe? Are we changing name as often we change outfit? I don’t know.

Where is this stored?


I am also going on with this: WHERE are our attachments? There are still many things that Avatar Entities cannot do, and now they’re gone. It’s already bad enough the Avatar App doesn’t even work on my end (display name not populating, options in upper right isn’t working, all bookmarks are now gone, etc).

It’s bad enough that I now had to use my backup JSON files to restore my avatar URL, but because attachments were seemingly removed (and if so, without mention in the change notes), I will permanently be sick with a thermometer in my mouth.


And yes, where are attachments?.. right now I don’t see any way to add an attachment except through the marketplace. This cant be serious?


Like I said before, great job. It would be helpful, if an entity is selected inworld, the ‘enitity list’ would jump to the selected item. Also I would apprecieate, the create mode would not be closed, if I open the market place or for example the emote app just to sit my avatar.

Also I agree with @Twa_Hinkle’s two Points


So where has my list of avatars gone? I had atleast 30 in there


As per my picture above, same here. All my avatars are gone unless I manually adjust them via console or JSON editing.


oh cool feature
wonders what else they can remove to annoy the remaining 5 users
i request somthing that shoots puppies rl when ever you log in

I dont suppose the previous list is in existance anywhere?
oh will you be doing the same trick to my location Bookmarks?


Not sure it is what you are talking about, my saved Avatars are all automaticly in the new Avatar app:



ops - understand, looks empty.
but my attachements are poofed away I see.


maybe ill do a reset see if that helps
and that would be no


Okay, it’s just a try, but I see your Display Name is empty. Have you tried to use your Judas and see what happens?


Wonders if its because i have avatars with attachments in them n the code is making it break
was chatting to flame who seems to think he knows how to fix it
so ill wait for that to happen


So I found the culprit:

If you have REALLY old avatar bookmarks, it is just a string pointing to the URL of the FST:


If the bookmark file has ANY avatars like this, it will fail to load since the script expects all avatars to contain the new ‘version 3’ format. Removing or converting the older bookmarks resolves the issue.

That now being said, attachments (or the ability edit, add, or remove them) is now absent from the client entirely. Furthermore, the thumbnails ONLY work for avatars on the marketplace. However, users who most likely have a few avatars don’t own ones on the marketplace, and as such will not have access to that. My proposed solution:

[Somewhere in an FST far far away]
thumbnailURL = "thumbnail.jpg"

Benefits of this:

  • Works on avatars in the marketplace
  • Works on avatars not in the marketplace
  • Attachments can be given their own thumbnails
  • Objects can also be given their own thumbnails


For those I have just search -00-
In my Interface.json stuck some on me “jointName”: “RightHand”, (in world not visible)


Thanks for figuring this out @FlameSoulis. What really is a little bit sad is, that These things are not be communicated with the crowds. I for myself would never be able to figure that out.


Since I am NOTHING without my crown, updating seems like a suicide mission.


I agree with this is the case @DrFran Definitely not upgrading to this is resolved