Beta Release 70


if you lost the crown I think you need to add they to the marketplace (without to make it public)
then you can go about your items.

I mean other attachment not work so far.

In all you need the update to visit other Domains.



Why is the create mode and entity selection still active when the entity list and properties windows are closed?

I see the same problem. But i think this problem is already there for years that the buttons not always respond in what happend on the tablet.

@Judas My bookmark is not so old. i just started to use it a while ago and i see it in the list. Admit not done muhc with wearables.


This is a complete screw-up imho…

We can no longer edit attachments which means we can’t use soft attachments anymore!

Whats that? Just use soft entities? I would if they wasn’t BROKEN!
They have been broken for months and no-one appears to care!
Now we don’t have a way to even edit our normal attachments are we expected to use a broken implementation?

It’s like none of the devs or qa even USE hifi normally.
It’s just like “Oh does this do this, yep, ok passed”
Yet there’s a bug simply from just closing the new edit tools. Did no-one pick that up at all?!



Oh and not to mention that the install location changed AGAIN!
Please make your minds up! is it “High Fidelity Interface” or just “High Fidelity” !?


Ok, spend a bit more time on it.

This new avatar app is not good.

I only see a short piece of the filename of my avatar.
Around 15 characters. while my name is much longer and most avatars i tested use a longer names.

The bookmarked list is not in detail, so same problem. long names get so short that you not know what everything is.

You need to see at least let’s say the first 37 characters. SHort names never will work because you tell in the name what clothing it use etc.

Display name ?
why is it there ?
Just put that under settings -> Avatar. You normal not change a name often.

The marketplace app keeps a pain for your eyes with the light blurry grey and white text. Make it so we can use the marketplace form the website in desktop. fixes all problems.

Tried something, i would at least move the display name to other place (like i say avatar -> setting is very logic place) . And put there the filename / URL instead.


And in the favorites i saved it. Again i cannot read the complete description.



So that kills one of my avatars with the changable clothes, i suppose menethals avatar with the coat, kurttis tv headed robot thing
but who cares aslong as thge coders are happy right.
maybe we should just get rid of avatars its not like anyone using them and they impact the framerate
can add them to the list of things i love about high fidelity that made it unique and make it more like secondlife but without users and oh text chat


You what mate?

I hate this change and I’m a coder remember?


come to second life the home of soft atachments


But the lack of first person mode and scaled building !


Quick question for the community. I need to install HiFi on a new computer today, but don’t want release 70 as I’m seeing all the problems. Is there a place where I can go and install release 69? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks.

EDIT: I found it, here’s the link if anyone else is looking:


Hey all, it looks like losing the Attachments Manager was an unintended consequence of removing the Avatar menu, and replacing it with the Avatar App.

We didn’t mean to deprive you of your attachments.

The functionality is still there under the hood, it’s just not accessible from the menu currently. We’re looking into a couple of possible solutions, including:

  1. A script that will make it easy to open the legacy attachment manager again.
  2. A script that automatically converts them into entity attachments.

Curious to know how you would feel about #2.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience! Please bear with us while we sort it out.



We’re looking into putting the Avatar menu back so we can give you more time (and likely a converter tool) to prepare, when we do want a switchover to strictly entity attachments.

Apologies for the confusion, please hang in there.


I can’t beleive that those picture that are taking all the place in the Avatar app has been designed for the Market place.
Am I the only one to think that the last thing that people wants is to buy a pre-made avatar?


one day the artists will start taking things off the coders

hey we re-designed the coding interface so u need to use a brush to enter code, we think it will be better for you guys


At least the would solve the “problem” with the fonts :wink:


i was jokin with removing avatars
but anything that cuts the lag i guess


The purple ball means that the avatar has not loaded for you. Alternatively, these avatars would show up as invisible to you :slight_smile:


why does wade have both?


Can you take a pic of this from a different angle? If Wade’s avatar is loaded, he shouldn’t have a purple orb as well. Maybe it’s an attachment that hasn’t loaded?


Phew… At least I’m there! :wink: