Beta Release 70


I would much rather have them be invisible. We already have spheres in the people app.


LOL :purple_heart::globe_with_meridians::sunglasses:
& I guess that’s just a second, unloaded avatar in front of Wade…


Regarding #2, I am not in favor of it at all. Aside from the fact that soft attachments are not a thing with entity attachments (correction, apparently it is but is broken), they show up in create. We would need some kind of mask to IGNORE avatar entities or EXCLUSIVELY search for them.

On top of that, we are limited to only 42 avatar entities, be it wearables, attachments, or otherwise. This may not seem like a low number, but considering that adding custom colliding objects to my skeleton costs 8 on their own (Head, Hips, Knees, Feet, Hands) and my AFK ring also counts, that’s 33 remaining and I don’t even have clothes or accessories on!

A key thing about attachments is the fact they are not held back by this limit. Clothing? Just attach it and make it soft. No worrying about 42 or if you add another bling watch, that your underwear will disappear.

All things considered, switching things over to a new system I feel is the least of a concern right now. Better LOD control, entity/object prioritization, removing grabbable from UserData (seriously), and the ability to specify if an object SHOULD glow if it is grabbable (be it an interface setting or object specification (or both)) I feel is a bit more important and also help pave the way towards making entity attachments more understandable. If Entity attachments could have LOD controls given to them, while also still maintaining all previous features (cough cough Soft Attachments wheeze), I think that would be a major deal to a lot of creators.

We need a GOOD reason to switch over to a new system. Just because some people say we should isn’t good enough.


I have to agree. The overlay spheres are actually pretty high poly and don’t really LOD that well. I’m not saying switch to cubes, but we should seriously have the option to turn them off or switch to something that is VERY lightweight (even if the avatar it is loading isn’t).

EDIT: To clarify, I don’t hate this feature, but it should seriously have the option to be disabled. It’d also be neat if we had access to say AvatatData.isAvatarLoaded and signals for onAvatarLoaded so users could create their own rendition of the system. Heck, it could be useful to see avatar size (total combined size of avatar and their entities/attachments in filesize and poly).


Ohh yes ! grabbable default is really the most bad choice you can think about. It’s a hell. And good for a big disaster.

Now yiu talk about the glow. It make sense to have it not glow. It’s breaking immersion. I would turn it off. Is there not a better way to indicate grabbable in less visible way ?

@Judas Looking at your picture the spheres look very high poly compared with what i have in my memory i did see it last time. Can we not replace the spheres for a wire frame version of this ?



I think enable disable avatar colissions is really buried in the menus now.Building i use it alot , can it be duplicated somwhere more accesable please, even if only in the dev menu


I don’t think folks know or remember the difference.

For clarity:
An avatar attachment can ‘travel’ with you across domains and is highly optimized to do so. Because of this, 42 is your upper-limit. I’ve been working on MMO-style addons and if we consider each peice of armor or clothing or magic thingy, etc… 42 is reasonable under consideration of the purpose of the upper-limit.

An entity attachment has no upper-limit and it is not optimized for network transmission. Hence, you can have as many as you like, but doing so will effect the experience pretty drastically.

Try it.

Personally, I don’t really care one way or another, so long as you are transparent about your reasons. Communicate with us. Often. In writing (documentation and forums and blog )or on video (meetups and live streams) so you’re held accountable.



Just FYI…

I tested your custom app on 70 (stack + client) and it works fine.

See you Saturday.


After thoys fixed my avatar list im now stuck with hard to navigate list of avatars some 9 pages deep
What happened to the 3 click rule ?
Why cant I arrage the order they are displayed
why arent there folder options
Why do you insist on building things without any thought to the design or how they will be used?
Why are they all listed as “favorites” some i dont like, some i made for other people some are work in progress.
If the reason we dont have a decent text chat is because text is hard to read in vr. why is the menu text based. cant it just take a selfie when its clicked the first time
what where you trying to achieve when you threw this together.
We dont like the current avatar book marking system, we would like to replace it with somthing equally bad.I dont use hifi so i only have 1 avatar so my design seems fine, and no I wont ask any users what they would like because that might make my task hard.
I know I keep banging on about good and bad design. But imagine how a house would look and work if you just let the builders make it. Architects are trained for 6 years to design houses.
At what point did hifi which is theoretically opensource become shrouded in a wall of design secrecy…
wanders off muttering about a foil hat.
these narrow swipable selection windows like in the nagigation thing

When you click on it the options to the left and right would fade in eitherside.
This would let you know there are more options avalable, and alow you to browse a little better
at the moment ist like peeking through a crack in the door


It’s not you @judas. The desktop UI design is just good for some drama. Some drama parts fade into VR to. like the goto app.

And i still wish we could use the marketplace from a normal website. Solve all problems for me with the marketplace app. That app is so bad in desktop mode, togheter with the gotot app.

The scrollbars need to be wider to. it’s a bad microsoft EDGE design.


Ok, thanks William. Saturday doesn’t seem to be a good day for many of my actors, I am trying to wrangle them all, but as you can imagine getting 7 people’s schedules to line up perfectly is a challenge. I should have a better idea of a good day/time by EOD today. I’ll let you know, and if you can’t make it for some reason, maybe you and I can meet up and you can show me the ropes (although from the looks of your screenshots it seems super easy, thank you).

Question: how do we “add” the avatars that I bought from Turbosquid? Do those assets need to live on the same server as my domain? Does Adrian need to get involved?




Folders… Definitely a good approach to have.
As the SL inventory but for avatar stuff.

Must not be a so bad principle since I was able to deal with over 32000 items in a single list/page.


I was to say: “Yééé! They fixed the shadows issues with the camera 360!”
Before examining the screenshot and realize that there are no more shadows rendered at all.

- Ma’am, we fixed your flat tires. The problem should not happen anymore.


lols, is it beer time yet


Isn’t it the other way around? You can have as many attachments as you want. It’s the Avatar Entities that are limited to 42.
As per



Is it only me, but when I upgraded to 0.70 windows 10 and mac now I’m not able to fly again :frowning:

Who did steal my wings?


Can agree this, have the same problems on windows. The avatar only can jump


I think I found you have to enable the flags for “VR” to have flying back.
This is different from previous versions at least for the desktop version.
Remember to press “save changes” after modifying them.

: image


Hmm… perhaps that should be an option to allow flying and jumping per mode, like allow it in Desktop by denyin VR, or allow in both, or none.


Hey everyone, concerning the flying in desktop… that was an oversight and it’s being fixed.

The behavior should (and will be very soon) this:

Desktop: Jumping/flying always on
VR: Jumping/flying off by default, user is able to toggle on/off