Beta Release 70


Flame Soulis. can you please clarify what part of soft “wearables” is “broken”? I don’t see any known bugs filed about soft avatar entities not working. They should work identically to the soft attachments.


hmmm… not exactly… The old avatar attachments, use the same basic network transport as avatar entities. They are not more or less optimized than each other.

Old Avatar Attachments (deprecated) are the same as Avatar Entities in the following ways:

  • They both travel with you across domains.
  • They are both stored as settings in your client.
  • They both support meshes.
  • They both can be attached to a joint on your avatar, with a translation/rotation transform.
  • They can both be “soft” and hug the same named joints in the same way.

They are different in the following ways:

  • Avatar Entities can also be with you, but not actually attached to a joint.
  • Avatar Entities can have scripts on them.
  • Avatar Entities can themselves have child entities, and therefore do things like material swaps.
  • Avatar Entities can be primitives other than meshes.
  • Avatar Entities can be physical in nature, get collision events, etc.

It is not accurate to say that you can have an unlimited number of attachments… there’s a limit, it’s just not guarded in the same way entities are. 42 is arbitrary, and as we implement a new “trait system” to further optimize all of the various avatar identity related packets, we will likely remove that restriction.


Can you tell us more about that system? Thank for in depth clarification on Avatar Entities.


According to some people I’ve talked to, they’ve stated that the feature is present (which I always thought it wasn’t) but that it was broken.I haven’t dabbled with it because as far as I’m aware, there wasn’t a way to do it.


While I’m glad this is a thing, the problem is the transparency makes it impossible to read on certain surfaces. Can this be controlled/toggled?

Problem with Create Tools window

@FlameSoulis stop breaking things!


42 isn’t the answer.


edit mode seems hell bent on making me look down on the rock, is this one of the improvments?


We are further optimizing the avatar protocol to allow for more efficient edits to things that are currently stored in the “identity” packets. These are “non-streaming” things related to the avatars “more persistent” state, like their mesh, display name, avatar entities, etc. Right now, when any change is made to any of these things, we resend all of the information, even the parts that haven’t changed. We are working to optimize that protocol to allow for non-streaming attributes to be changed without resending all of the non-streaming attributes.

Some of the things which will benefit from this system once it’s rolled out are:

  • Grabbing will be more reliable
  • Sitting (who’s already sitting in a chair) will be more reliable
  • Changes to avatar entities will be more efficient
  • Changes to avatar attributes (like Display Name) will be more efficient


Those are top level OS windows… that has to be some strange setting in your Operating system. What OS and Drivers are you using?


The people you’ve talked to, seem to be misinformed. We tested soft entities yesterday to double check and they are working as expected exactly like soft attachments did.

If you know of a specific problem with soft entities, we’re eager to get it fixed, so please let us know.


Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
NVidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti - Version 397.64

If you need further information, my DxDiag file should still be around with the QA team during earlier investigations. I haven’t run any updates recently so it should still be relevant.


Have you enabled transparency/blur for windows in your OS? Do other pop-up windows render this way? This looks like you’ve enabled a windows OS setting for transparent windows.


The interface keeps constantly flashing over to AWAY for no reason, and it takes away the icon bar and I can no longer edit or do any of those functions iuntil I relog. It has a mind of its own.


No… I really hadn’t done too much on the settings for my windows other than leaving the theme more or less alone. No other window does it. Just Hifi’s. Even then, I do have some apps that do have transparent windows and they don’t have this problem.

In fact, if I leave the photos Window in front of the two windows, they appear always in front and have Z fighting issues with the buttons.

And no, I checked if Teamspeak did the same thing, and it doesn’t do that flickering thing.


When did this start happening? Has this always been happening? Or did it only start in 70? I can’t imagine anything we’ve changed recently that would cause this transparent flickering issue.


There was no way to check if this was happening before since the dialog window thing is brand new to 70. However, any other dialog defiantly did not have this problem before.


You could try to update your graphics drivers. The are a bit old. mabye there’s a bug. I have gf980 and not see the problem.


A hotfix, v0.70.1, is coming today. Here’s what’s in it:

  • Fix for issue with audio not stopping upon closing the overlay
  • Add back flying as default in desktop mode until we figure out a better way to handle it
  • Fix a bug with flying settings not being saved over sessions
  • Continued tuning of avatar IK to make leaning appear more natural
  • Temporarily restore avatar attachments menu to give people more time to convert attachments to wearables
  • Bubble is turned off by default for new users while the team is working on new designs. However, please note that the tutorial content on bubble instructions is not yet updated to reflect this.


For me its the soft attachment (wearable rigged mesh) option I dont want to loose. Without it we cant change the clothes on avatars.however is being changed in the future i dont want to loose this ability