Beta Release 70


I got an extra-corporeal experience in HDM tonight (Simply by moving aside in RL.)


So to cover two things:

#1 - Updated my drivers to the latest. Still a problem with the windows being so transparent they’re unreadable. No other application has this issue. That being said, the window REALLY acts weird if I drag the window outside of the monitor the Interface window is in, and I only have one graphics card!

#2 - As per the community meeting, soft avatar entities are apparently still not working as intended. Again, as far as I was aware, the feature did not exist to have soft attached avatar entities. If this exists, then where’s the documentation? Is it handled by the relayParentJoints property?


I spent 40 mins trying to explain how to add an avatar to the avatar list with smokey
im like click favorites

and shes like im doing it nothings happening

on it goes and oh yeah the update deleted all her avatars 2

she wanted somthing different to wear to go to rust
like normal people do

i said oh ill make a tutorial for the blender ava thing
the tutorial going quick took like 15 mins( no good tutorial should be longer than 5 mins tops)
were way 2 damn complex
make it easy
or remain empty

only she dosent have 2 months holiday to spend trying to learn this garbage


Hotfix, v0.70.2, is inbound. It contains:

  • a fix for an issue that prevented people in desktop mode from flying
  • performance improvements


When will me blocking somone be saved, im sick of blocking and re blocking the same person over and over?


Another hotfix, v0.70.4 (not .3; it’s been kind of an exciting time over here), is coming to you soon. Desktop mode flying should be fixed for real this time. :slight_smile:


So I finally got around to testing this stuff…

Both the Robe and the Staff are attachments, with the robe being a soft attachment

So Settings > Attachments has it (this took me a while to find, since it used to be under Avatar Attachments)

Instead of this flow with the Wearables

We should probably know how to create or test wearables in the first place perhaps?

So now that we know that Wearables are going to be the next thing, where is the documentation for it?.

You guys been talking about these for the entire year yet its really hard to find anything on the subject without digging into the code. How can we point content creators on “how to do” when wearable cant do soft attachments yet?


some of these buttons animate when u mouse over them some dont
some things look clickable but arent others dont look clickable but are
consistancy in design is suppse to be a thing innit
arent settings usually under a cog icon rather than volume sliders?

Transitioning Avatar Attachments to Avatar Entities

I vote for extend topic access , it’s closing in 11 days. unless we get a new version before.

Oh @judas welcome in the modern UI design hell.


I would like to give a huge THANK YOU for the team working on the Mac client with 0.70.4. I added HiFi back to my Dock again because it is actually usable! Resolving the transparency issues and much, MUCH better frame rates are very welcome (on MacPro Late 2013, dual AMD D700s).

I have Interface and edit windows on 2nd monitor in portrait mode, with other design apps open on primary screen and it works beautifully - huge productivity boost for me!

Thanks for the Mac love :raised_hands:


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