Beta Release 71


Well, :yum: How you update hifi without shutting down.
Would be interesting if a virtual world client can be updated realtime. :grin:


opening the api debugger makes hifi poof when i open it

piper and i noticed that the script log hmd friendly when open is called the debug window


I get more crashed messages at startup.
That dialog appears with the question what you want todo.


I’ve had this before Beta 71. Does anyone else get errors from Steam without VR attached? It seems to hang the Interface until I close the error notices.


I get the crash dialog at startup very much since beta 71, would almost say 70% of the time.


I also have this issue, are you experiencing this near audio emitters?


Not sure what that means exactly… it happens every time with my sandbox when I start the interface.


I was replying to dr. Fran with a question. Sorry for any confusion.


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