Beta Release 73 + Global System Upgrade | Wed, Sep 26, 2:00 pm PDT


Important Update Related to This Scheduled Release

The time has been pushed back to the afternoon. Starting at 2:00 pm PDT tomorrow, Wed Sept 26, 2018, we plan to upgrade our database in order to optimize the performance of this latest version. We anticipate that this database upgrade will take up to one hour. Once the upgrade is complete, we will immediately begin to roll out the release.

What Will Be Affected During the Database Upgrade?

During this upgrade, centralized High Fidelity services will stop functioning, including user logins, place name navigation, and Marketplace. Partial functionality may resurface intermittently during the upgrade. If you are in a domain during the upgrade, you will likely remain there, but attempts to visit any other domain may fail. High Fidelity’s owned and managed domains, including Welcome, will be down.

Will the Timing of Beta Release 73 Change?

The release will start to roll out as soon as the upgrade is complete. We anticipate this being somewhere between 1:30-2:30 pm PDT.

Does This Upgrade Affect What’s in the Release?

No, the improvements and fixes for Beta Release 73 remain unchanged from what we announced last week. As a reminder, here’s what to expect:


  • Make Things Glow: In Create mode, you will notice there is a new section in the Zone Entity settings where you can enable and configure bloom properties.

  • More Accurate Teleporting: Both collisions at the teleport target and your avatar height will be taken into consideration when you try to find a spot to teleport to while in VR mode.

  • Simpler Wallet: Your wallet is now automatically associated with your user account! This means if you log into another device, you will be able to access your wallet. No more pesky passphrases.

  • Login at Launch: When you start up High Fidelity Interface, you will be prompted to log in.

  • Scaling Creations is Easier: One single handle in the center of an Entity will allow you to adjust the scale in Create mode.

  • More Sensible Placement of Newly-created Entities: No more looking around to find your new Entity. It will be placed right in front of you.


  • Mouth movements now match the audio when you playback a clip made with the Record script
  • The Delete key works in Create mode on macOS
  • Create menus minimize when High Fidelity is minimized
  • A complete list of Entities will display in the Create menu

We stopped shipping native support for the Sixense Hydra several beta releases ago. However, we have continued to allow users to install support manually using an external manual installation process. Those old plugins have a bug that will prevent High Fidelity’s Interface from starting up correctly. We will fix those external plugins shortly. In the meantime, if you experience a freeze when you startup, you may need to remove the sixense_x64.dll from the installation directory to get High Fidelity Interface to launch successfully.

Please note: There will be a protocol change, which means you will need to download the latest version in order to visit domains running v0.73.0.

Editorial: Putting Items On the High Fidelity Marketplace—Why Is It So Complicated?

Will the option to remember my password be available? If I have to enter in my password every time, I’m going to lose my mind.

Also, if you are doing this: MAKE IT SO YOU CAN USE EITHER LOGIN IF USING THE STEAM CLIENT!!! This has been a request for a long time, and yet again, will now be challenged by the fact that people do use the steam client but not a steam login.


Can we still disassociate and create a new wallet for your account? or disconnect and use it as from the file system?


Did high fidelity not always got with login prompt in the latest versions if you where not logged in ?

I hope you not need to login everytime, because then i really not use it. It would make you nuts.


To clarify - if you are logged in when you shutdown, you will remain logged in the next time you run, and you will not be asked to log in again.

If you log out, clearly you’ll be asked next time you run.

We also have a checkbox that will allow you to be automatically logged out, or choose to remain logged in.


Awesome, though if this is the case, two suggestions, if you will:

  • Please remove the logout button in the upper right corner of the tablet. I don’t know if there is data on it, but I can’t recall anyone really using it and it could have something better like a clock, domain name, HFC balance (actually, that’d pretty neat), etc.

  • When the log out option is clicked (file -> Logout) please ask the user if they want to log out. I ask this because I have had too many cases in VR where I try to select Quit, I get nudged, and my stylus/laser hits Logout instead. Logging back into the Steam client using a regular High Fidelity (website) account is very tedious.


I would like the option to remain logged into my wallet, i seem to spend my life typing my password


@judas, i wish i did have to and if i read it correct comes with next update.


oh cool that was quick service :slight_smile:
all though if they dont have access to our blockchain password how are they able to change it to now be assosiated with our account?


:thinking: Passing that one to the devs. :wink:


this is a good question at the moment there doesn’t seem to be an answer about keeping your pass phrase

it may be convenient to some people and that’s okay but not all those are agreeing with this method
seems premature to releasesomething that’s not ready

Did you guys remember the conversation we had with Philip about three months ago about this and the team as far as I know it was agreed that we needed to get these things in place

you to make sure that some of these issues have been sorted out we know you’re releasing better things for the future but really this is not the answer having only one way of doing it let’s set the example to the industry

basically the users have no control over their wallets now as far as I can tell

I would rather wait forThe users holding their own wallets as well


Grabbing handles for an object to duplicate or move or scale or rotate is a bit of “telepathic” frustrating experience right now. I found very often myself with duplicated objects while I didn’t want and sometimes very awkward to move because the arrows are grabbable only on the tip of one direction, while it would be very good to have them a bit bigger and grabbable in both directions so to ease grabbing them to obtain the wanted thing.

Recent creation help in desktop mode are interesting and useful from one side, but otherwise they are still a bit confusing, the windows come on the top of the others and it is difficult to really deal with them when they are scattered around. I felt myself in the exact situation I was with GIMP pre 2.8 version when all the windows were completely unrelated.

I keep in asking for an equivalent of edit.js as implemented by @ctrlaltdavid some years ago but now no more working ( that was a human way of designing in desktop mode, and YES it is much more confortable to design complex projects in desktop mode you can’t ask creators to stay in VR for 8 hours in a row (and even then the interface is not satisfactory in VR as well).


in 73 you will be able to log in to your HiFi account, remain logged in across sessions, and never have to enter a password in again for HiFi or your wallet.


you will be required to log into your wallet “one last time” – because as you say, we don’t have that… after that, your wallet will be directly tied to your hifi account.


We will add back the capability to allow a person to store their own keys, as opposed to us storing it for them. It is 100% part of our architecture, as I have described many times. However - it turns out that the way we coded this combined with the nature of the EOS key storage stuff makes this job fairly difficult. We think the best approach is to do it in little pieces, meaning that we will probably get it done in about 6 to 9 months. We could ask the commerce team to work full time on this, which would get it done maybe in 3 months. But they wouldn’t be able to do other things that we think are very important, such as adding the ability to get notifications, improvements to the marketplace processes, and ways to pay money to scripted objects or to ‘tip’ someone who is not online. All these items we think are more important than the option of fully independent key storage. That’s our direction, thoughts welcome.


I think people would be happier from a security point of view with you still use the pass phrase can’t see why this would be a problem to resolve in the short period of time as an option

as long as the team could make sure that their data is safe they need guarantees


I kinda like the you storing them for us approach
the number of people i helped set up a wallet stressing the DO NOT LOOSE THE PASS WORD YOU CANNOT GET IT BACK"
then a month later im telling them to log into the wallet with the password
and they are um what password
the one i said dont loose
the one i said write on the wall so u dont throw it out
u get the picture


I’d cherish the “HiFi storing keys & passphrases for users” feature as an OPTION, or maybe even a paid service.

BUT: It’s fine as long everything is fun and play, but it stops being funny as soon as something is at stake.

I guess I’m not the only one who intends to do business in VR and who treats her wallet like her bank account in the real world.

Thus - as I’d never let my rl bank account be “protected” by just one simple generic password - I’m now quite worried that this is supposed to happen to my virtual wallet - even if this should be just an interim solution.

Data breaches do happen…


Phassprase is fine, as long i do not need to enter it every time after every relog when i use the marketplace. So annoying to do all the work to get the phrase in.

I support the “HiFi storing keys and passphrases for users” It can mabye improved in some way. As long you not need to enter it everytime. I use a complex phasephrase for security. If you need to enter it every time your almost forced to use a very weak passphrase.


I got this too, but not in the past when its was crowded, can you look for this Release on it please too.