Beta Release 73 + Global System Upgrade | Wed, Sep 26, 2:00 pm PDT



Just checked a marketplace problem.
Now i bumped into other old problem.
When i have maretplace open te rezz something, i need to open create to move or find it. But then create is closing marketplace. But i do not want marketplace closed because i need to rezz more !



Version 0.73.1 Hot Fix
Rolling out in ~ 1 hour. No protocol changes. Expect all domains to refresh briefly.


  • Better facial animation performance in large crowds


  • Fix to crash on startup with legacy installs of Sixense Hydra Controller plugin


thinks if everone who has ever installed hifi is gonna have the problem then on load test day only people who read this post will be there. hifi much to buisy working on important stuff than to waste time thinking of the end users


Not really acceptable, the animations at these distance look bad, even if the server it self is not in under strain.

Close up

Since I cant find this specific change inthe release notes, could it be related to:

Optimization for the load test?

Because this looks bad on an unloaded server. I dont think it should kick in if the server is not kicking the bucket.

There really needs to be some client side interpolation between the frames to make it look better too if such ever kicks in. Something which @madman suggested

I dont think @Philip can do the wave if the performance is like this. because it looks like a stop motion animation, not high fidelity if there is no strain on the server.

I mean how bad would it look during a talk show recording.


It should be noted this is based on avatar distance. If you use an inspect.js script or move the camera closer to the intended target, the animations will still degrade. This also applies to avatars of a larger scale, where a larger sized avatar will appear like they are having FPS issues, despite the fact they aren’t.

If this was a last minute push for the stress test, it wasn’t tested very well. This is going to heavily impact Last Avatar Standing in addition to the Zombie event and should have been bound to the camera’s position, not the avatar’s.


I don’t know if this is because of the update, but since then my view in VR mode have been messed up. Objects disappear when I get a meter away from them, or not rezz properly. I cannot use the tablet at all. TP doesn’t work properly either because the beacon doesn’t show. People around me are often invisible although I hear them. It is really bad. Tablets and everything works well when I change it to Desktop mode though. I’ve tried uninstall and reinstall several times, but didn’t work. I’m really sad. I’m on WMR. I don’t know what to do.


Hotfix 0.73.2
Rolling out in ~30-60 min. No protocol changes. Expect all domains to refresh briefly.


We had a few bugs related to Avatar Entities, aka “Wearables,” have been resolved including:

  • The removal of Avatar Entities
  • Large Avatar Entities
  • Proper handling of temporary Avatar Entities


Uh… what? Can some of these be better explained? From what I was working with, I didn’t have issues with the avatar entities from being removed.


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