Beta Release 75 Scheduled for Tuesday, November 13


We’re on track to rollout Beta Release 75 on Tuesday, November 13, between 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm PST.

Please note that this release does have protocol changes. If you have feedback or questions, we encourage you to attend the weekly Town Hall in Zaru this Thursday, November 15 at 2:00 pm PST.

Here’s what to expect in the latest release.


It’s Now Easier to Create With the Following Enhancements

  • Entity List Context Menu
    • Filter entities by type
    • Rename entities
    • Perform actions (e.g., cut, copy, paste) on an entity directly from the context menu
    • Clicking on an item in-world will locate and highlight the entity in the list
  • Properties Menu
    • Menu options are now named and organized more intuitively
    • Tooltips have been added to edit options
    • Default entities and primitives are now more visually distinct in the UI
  • Grabbable Settings
    • This setting is now “off” by default
  • Edit Handles
    • These no longer interfere with the operation of the tablet when in VR mode
  • Importing Items
    • No changes to the size of an item will be made when it is imported

More Improvements

  • Entity vec2, vec3, and xColor properties are now exposed as JS objects to support XYZ and RGB.

  • Default particle effect renders to a cloud texture rather than a square. If you remove the texture, it should stop rendering.

  • Domain content backup uploads timeout has been explicitly set to an hour. Previously large backups would time out after 20 seconds.

  • Tablet now highlights when it’s able to be grabbed.

  • Handshake added to control reference in the menu.

  • Reorganized the developer menu, according to more logical groupings.

  • Marketplace Tester displays loaded resources.

  • Improved error message reminds users who upload items to the Marketplace that their draft will expire after 30 days.

  • Avatars arms look more natural when their hand controllers are left sitting on the desk or resting on the armrests of a chair.

  • Avatar actions driven by Vive Trackers are more natural and fluid. Details can be found here.

  • Updates to our Shader toolchain and SPIRV support. Full details here.

  • Added submenus for People and GoTo in System Tray Notifications. People submenu contains a list of connections who are online, the GoTo contains a list of Featured Stories.


Numerous Avatar-related Fixes

  • Avatar favorites now display correctly instead of showing the default Avatar set all the time.

  • Walk animations look correct when avatars are scaled down from normal size.

  • Avatars scaled to the minimum can now jump.

  • In HMD, Avatar sit and stand states look more natural.

    • The transition to sitting is delayed by 4 seconds to allow for the user to reach down and pick things up off the ground without changing state.
    • The user may also force the state to be locked to sit mode or disable re-centering altogether in the settings/controls menu. Avatar Lean Behavior 1) Auto, 2) Seated and 3) Disabled.
    • A “squat detection” is activated when, in standing mode, if bent knees are happening for 30 seconds, and the spine is relatively straight (within 30 degrees of the vertical), then a vertical recenter will straighten the knees.
  • When switching domains, the “pending state” of avatars would display as white orbs, this is fixed and shouldn’t happen anymore.

  • Fixed the issue where some users see persistent moving white spheres for other avatars.

  • Refer to the Github repository for more information on all Avatar-related fixes.

Other Fixes

  • Sitting and Standing while wearing Vive Trackers in Desktop mode work correctly now.
  • Removing and reloading scripts no longer crashes High Fidelity
  • Setting Create Entities as Grabbable will persist across sessions.
  • Can now access the Audio Mute Mic when in Shapes App or Create mode.
  • Smaller scaled avatar will jump, run, and fly properly.
  • On Macs, the thumbnails correctly display on the Avatar app.
  • In HMD, when sending an asset or money, the Cancel and Submit buttons now show up above the keyboard.
  • In HMD, when showing an effect on a gifted item to someone nearby, the help link is no longer obscured by the keyboard.
  • In SnapApp, shared snapshots no longer get deleted.
  • The Blast To Connections icon is no longer visible in the SnapApp when moving between domains.
  • The bottom item in My Purchases is no longer obscured when scrolling to the bottom of the list.

API Changes

  • Removed API call SmoothPoleVector, which was used to smooth avatar elbows.


Whoohoo !
But i did not read anythung abiut the unwated tablet popup in the hand. Is it now removed and killed ? It’s really only solution fir now.


Do we really need more grabbable highlighting? And without smooth outlining? Really?

As the PR mentions, the controllers now no longer indicate where they’re located if you accidentally lose them. This was reported back from QA as:

► Note: Controllers can become lost

Not to mention, this can completely interrupt full body tracking, which is ironic considering how many other PRs were for improving full body tracking. Mind you, this is hardcoded, so no scripting here can fix it without recompiling the client.


Cool can’t wait to try it


Wow… just wow…

Remember that update that broke attachments? Guess it’s time for an early anniversary:

Noted problems so far

(I’m not even going to email these because my list piling up so much it’s “Hifi Teaches Typing” at this point):

  • Avatar entities can now phantom oh other people’s clients (wear a hat? Not visible? Change avatars and now it’s invisible to you but not to others)

  • My complaints about PR14221 remain and can now be explained with a pretty picture:

    That and honestly the QA concern wasn’t even addressed! I threw my controller onto my bed to test and sure enough had a great time finding it again. It’s not like you can’t draw the controller overlays either since that is done while in the away state.

  • The PR to improve shaders breaks all shaders! Great job! com-optimize%20(14)

  • The blue outline on the tablet pretty much made me want to quit. So congrats on finding something that actually got my blood to boil. Not that I spent over a month figuring out how custom tablets could be done and that this pretty much just took what I was doing and made it not even worth i.

  • Turning while in VR pivots based on the center of the room and not the center of the avatar. I am now a virtual horizontal wrecking ball. At the same time, the primary collision capsule is based on that center point, however, the “hacky sack” collisions still work as intended.

  • The new Tracking modes are not very useful or are too sensitive. I have to use None if I plan to do anything at this point.

Now for the Good Stuff

  • An option to finally stop levitating while moving and sitting in VR?

  • Reorganized Developer menu is looking good!

  • New Create Properties tab actually makes sense and puts the important stuff on top

    Tooltips are also pretty nice!

Overall, the bad stuff is once again front and center while the good stuff is only important for VR users or for creators. This update will continue to leave a bad taste in my mouth because of the addressed concerns being more or less ignored in favor of rushing to appease… who again? Honestly, the tablet thing I can’t think of anything who would find that appealing.


In light of hating the outline to an insane level, I have gone ahead and just made an override, very much like the override for the yellow outline on certified items.

If you are using the User Essential pack ( or the Greeter Essential pack, I have included the tweak and it should auto load upon signing in.



Needs a spoilers tag. Haven’t had time to try it yet


Now tell me this you’re getting rid of highlighting Now you want highlight the tablet scratch my head
one step forward two steps back

Now I just don’t want to use a tablet at all or vr


Is there going to be a hotfix for the broken (frozen) Shaders soon (i.e. before the FUTVRE LANDS festival)?
They are essential to my domain which I entered for the contest.

Plus my Digital Ocean Domain can’t be updated…


Press X, rise your arm high up-(
it s was just some ones bubble


the H logo is really crappy looking on the installer


I agree, Judas. It’s on the “to do” to revamp the installer design and messaging.


Hotfix Beta Release v0.75.1

See hotfix post here.


I got this message today November 19. What’s going on? Is there some kind of time travel going on?


Thank you :wink:



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