Beta Release 76 Now Scheduled for Thursday, Dec 6, 2018


We are on target to roll out the latest beta release this Thursday between 4:00 - 7:00 pm PST. There is a protocol change.

Full release notes are in the works for v0.76.0, so check back here shortly. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect as far as what’s new:

What’s New!

  • Inventory App: When you open the Inventory app, you have immediate access to your purchased items, recent Marketplace and Commerce activity, and your wallet. Use this app to:

    • Change avatars, put on wearables, and install/update apps
    • View your recent purchases, sales, and gifts
    • Send HFC to your friends or anyone nearby
  • 3D Keyboard: Our native 3D keyboard lets you type with both hands while in HMD.

  • Teleport Animations: When other users teleport, you will see them move smoothly between their locations.

  • Steam Login for Android Users: Android users can now use Steam to login to High Fidelity.

  • Flow Support for Single Bones: Our flow.js script now supports adding flow movement to single bonechains. If you have an MMD or other avatars with single bones, you no longer need to manually edit them to add extra joints.

  • New Documentation has been added:

Technical Details

Note : There is a protocol change in this version.

For more specific details on what’s included in this release, see below.

  • Added option to set your start-up location. You can now choose to start at your Home location or your Last location. (Navigate > Start-Up Location)
  • Added option to turn the mini tablet on or off (Settings > General > “Use mini tablet”)
  • Moved security settings into its own dialog (Settings > Security)
  • Improved usability of the Create Tools:
    • Columns in the Entity list can be resized. Select the columns you want to view by clicking on the ▼ arrow next to the column headings.
    • New Toggle in the Entity list will change certain properties to display global or local values.
    • Number fields in the Entity Properties window now have slider entries. Mouse over the value you want to change, then click and drag until you reach the right value. You can still input numbers by clicking on the field once.
  • Android AEC now defaults to “On”
  • Modified the textures on the default avatar (Woody) to get rid of the UV seams
  • Removed logging of all reference to URLs

Important Note Regarding a Known Issue: The “Keep me Logged in” checkbox on the main log-in page has intermittent bugs. We will track this down and fix it in the next release. In the meantime: If you have issues remaining logged in, use the “Keep Me Logged In” checkbox from the Menu > Settings > Security screen.



  • Large avatars that are scaled down to regular size no longer appear underground.
  • Soft Entities with bones that don’t match the AV skeleton are now set correctly.
  • Avatar wearables are now correctly saved in the Avatar app. Duplicate wearables no longer occur by opening and canceling the wearables dialog multiple times.
  • Using a custom animation.json in the Avatar UI correctly persist between sessions.
  • Interface no longer crashes when entering custom animation URLs into the Avatar app.
  • Avatar entities cannot appear to be deleted except by its owner. Previously, Avatar entities may be temporarily deleted in the perspective of a different user.
  • If an avatar is fading, its shadow will also now fade.


  • Interface no longer crashes when importing modified JSON files into Create app.


  • In HMD, the current keyboard will appear and disappear when switching between Properties tabs in the Create App.
  • In Desktop mode, the handshake action will now clear if an App or dialogue is clicked on during the handshake.
  • Some fixes on collisionless entities when attempting to far grab them.
    • Make collisionless entities able to be far grabbed.
    • Keep collisionless property on collisionless entity after it’s far grabbed.
    • Fix HMD mouse pointer displaying at depth behind collisionless entities.
    • Fix desktop mouse highlights collisionless, grabbable entities.
    • Fix collisionless entities not able to be selected with lasers in Create app in HMD mode.
  • Tablet page indicators are clickable to scroll tablet pages.
  • Fixed minor UI bugs in gift- and money-sending.


Hifi seems to take 5 seconds to close from clicking the x , But when it crashes it goes immediatly
can you make the shut down more like a crash?


Settings > Security… > Secure Transactions

in HDM, it displays “Your wallet is not setup. Open the ASSETS app to get started
while in Desktop it works as it should be.

And what is this Assets app? The former name for something?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention – the ASSETS should be labeled Inventory. We’ll file a bug report and fix this next release.


Was just playing with the mobile app on my not really compatible Samsung s2 tablet .I really like using HiFi on it but would suggest some mobile optimised experiences
. I think people make the place so can you use that 360 camera sphere thing to just take a photo of the less compatible places as a flavour of HiFi option save all that floating in the dark whilst things load .some domains have to much to ever really work

Text to Speech v1.0
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